[Uncovering Ambiguity Education in Chinese Wedding Customs]

[Uncovering Ambiguity Education in Chinese Wedding Customs]

Dianxi will definitely avoid the bride ‘s pre-menstrual period and choose a lucky date, called “Dianxi Day”. The man looks for Mr. Feng Shui, and according to the sex of the man and the woman, the birthday and the eight characters, the marriage day is calculated.

After the “order” is complete, the man will go to the woman’s house to “send the day.”

If the woman’s family returns the day, she needs to “order” again.

Not that the days are unlucky, mainly because the days coincide with the menstrual period of the girls.

The man is going to ask Mr. Feng Shui to “take some time” again.

Mr. Feng Shui will “point the day” again, and it must be 15 days behind or before.

The menstrual period is pushed back or 15 days in advance, which happens to be the ovulation period of women, so it is not uncommon for newlyweds to get pregnant on their honeymoon.

Modern medicine has proven that it is not appropriate to have children when you are newly married due to fatigue, drinking and other factors.

There is another way for “Happy Days”. Mr. Feng Shui chooses two days at a time, one in the first half of the month and one in the second half of the month.