[Demystifying Men’s Sexual Psychological Code]_Men

[Demystifying Men’s Sexual Psychological Code]_Men

Men often encounter unpleasant things at work. In addition, the usual work pressure is huge, and it is easy to breed some bad emotions. These bad emotions have existed for a long time, which may affect the physical health of men.Health is very important.

First, when feelings are depressed, they often release themselves as men through sex. Many people are unwilling to be weak, such as fear, disappointment, and so on. Sex is often used as a way to vent these internal emotions.

At this time, if the wife wants more tenderness at this time, she can only be disappointed.

Because although the husband is vented physically, he does not need to eliminate the internal tension, and the wife will realize the insult and feel that she is a tool for the husband to vent his anger.

In fact, when men are afraid, disappointed, and nervous, they want a loyal partner around them, so sex is an effective way for them to regain confidence and feel relieved.

Therefore, when the wife feels nervous about her husband, she should find ways to share it with him so that he feels safe and tells you what he is saying.

Such couples will feel closer, and the sexual life that follows will be more memorable.