[Let’s say 5 love words to seckill a single woman]

[Let’s say 5 love words to “seckill” a single woman]

When a single friend finds me for a relationship question, I ask him the first time, “What does that person you usually like say?”

“The results of this thing always disappointed me but I had expected it.

This is because I know the reason why their pursuit of girls has always failed, and these reasons are the ones that I have overcome the disappointment. They answered my incompetence.

In fact, there is no such thing as “the right person to the door” and “I don’t deserve it” between people.

You’re a good match. As long as you love each other, everything is reserved.

As long as you love each other, who will care about things that are out of the way?

On the contrary, the “love” formed by the material will always be a contradiction, and will always carry this double quote that cannot be removed.

So, how should we win the favor of the people we like?

To get the heart of a woman, sweet words are indispensable. Xiaobian carefully selected the following five sentences for you. As long as it is appropriate, just show one of them and you will know how powerful it is.

The first love words If there is a 1000-step distance between us, as long as you step out of step 1, I will go in the direction of your remaining 999 steps 123456next page