[Hawthorn fried malt efficacy and role]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Hawthorn fried malt efficacy and role]_Benefits_Inevitable

Everyone knows that hawthorn can be appetizing and refreshing, but few people understand that hawthorn fried maltose can solve the effect of pediatric food accumulation, and its taste is very good, sweet and sour can also help digestion, if children have symptoms of loss of appetite or accumulation, You can use hawthorn fried maltose for treatment, there will be very good results, many parents and friends can take down the knock-down spare.

First, nutritional value nutrition analysis Fried malt is good for pasta, in addition to accumulation of stagnation; Hawthorn decomposes greasy food, and accumulation of stagnation.

The combination of two medicines is both digestive and appetizing, and has a sweet and sour taste, which children are happy to take.

Directions for consumption: The above is a daily amount, divided into 2 times, when the drink is warm.

Efficacy: Removes stasis and helps digestion.

Suitable for pediatric injuries.

Second, to treat the problem of pediatric accumulation of food, many children will have it, so I would like to tell you about it here.

Those parents or elderly people who are always afraid of their children’s insufficiency must remember that their children’s spleen and stomach are still weak. “If you want to be safe, you are thirsty and cold.” They would rather let them feel obese rather than let them eat.Too full.

If you eat too much, you will not be able to absorb nutrients, which will cause your child to “eat”.

If you find that your child’s appetite is suddenly worse, and that he has bad breath, blue nose up and down, uncomfortable stomach, bloated stomach, sluggish sleep, fever in his hands and feet, listlessness, and even a child with fever, it may be accumulated food.

Although traditional Chinese medicine says “accumulation of food is hot,” for a long time, accumulation of food will bring children cough, constipation, fever, repeated respiratory infections and other complications. As long as you deal with it in time, accumulation of food is not a big problem.

It’s just that the accumulation of food is not easy to deal with, and it is not as simple as eating big hawthorn pills to help digestion. We have to divide the situation.

For example, if the child is particularly fond of meat and eats too much meat, he can eat burnt hawthorn; if the child does not like meat, but eats rice noodles too much, he can use burnt rice or fried malt; if the child is having trouble digesting the lanternsIf you eat too much eggs, you can use fried malt. If you eat too much eggs and you ca n’t digest them, you can use vinegar or Divine Comedy . But because most parents do n’t eat for their children, the reasons for the accumulation of food are usuallyIt ‘s too much meat, or too much food, so at this time, we use coke hawthorn and fried malt to handle it.

Jiao Hawthorn is not a rare hawthorn variety, or it can be cooked by frying clean hawthorn flesh until the surface becomes brown.

You can buy it at the pharmacy.

After cooking, its sour taste becomes weak and its bitter taste increases.

Efficacy is mainly Xiaoshi Jianwei, Xingqi Sanyu.

Regardless of whether it is an adult or a child, if the accumulation of meat is stagnant and the stomach is full, eat it.

The effect of fried malt is to strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion and accumulation.

It has a good digestive effect on the accumulation of food caused by starchy foods such as rice noodles and sweet potatoes.

According to modern nutrition, fried malt can not only promote the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, but also the alpha and beta amylase, which can also break down starch into maltose and dextrin, so it can promote digestion.