[Home-made sausage powder recipe _ what do you take at home to make sausage powder]

[Home-made sausage powder recipe _ what do you take at home to make sausage powder]

Intestine noodles is a kind of cuisine with local characteristics of Guangdong. It is a kind of food that people in many places in Guangdong prefer to eat.

Of course, with the improvement of people’s living conditions, many people in other places can also eat intestinal flour.

Of course, the sausage powder can also be made at home according to a certain formula and manufacturing method.

The following is a detailed introduction to the production method of sausage powder.

First, method 1

Blend 500g (1kg) of old bag of rice with 600g of water for more than three hours (the purpose is to make the old bag of rice absorb the proper amount of water from the intestinal meal, the ground rice is more delicate, and the length of the refiner is extended).

Grind the same amount of old bag of rice and clean water, pay attention to the speed of pulping, or the heating of the pulping machine will cause too much cooked pulp and affect the quality of sausage powder.


Blend 50 grams of wheat flour with an appropriate amount of water, and blend with the rice milk of step 2 evenly.


Wash the cooked pulp, the ratio of raw pulp to cooked pulp is about 10: 1, and add refined salt.


Put some peanut oil or roasted duck oil in the sieve first, and then pour an appropriate amount of raw and cooked pulp into it and spread it out evenly (you can add minced meat or eggs, etc.), and the thickness is 2.

It is better to be about 5 mm, steam for about 1 minute, and use the special spatula for intestinal flour to move the intestinal flour from front to back or back to front drawer.

Features: soft, smooth, smooth mouth, white sweetness, infinite aftertaste.

(Ducheng sausage powder mainly tastes the taste of sausage powder, the filling is relatively small, and the sausage powder is thin) Second, the method of making the second material: mung bean sprouts, pork, noodles.


Chop the pork into minced meat, then mix with salt, chicken powder, a little sugar and green onion, you can also add spiced powder if you like (Figure 1); 2.

Spread the pork and mung bean sprouts thinly on the noodles. Carefully roll the noodles and roll them evenly (Figure 2).


Put the sausage powder into the pot and steam for about 10-15 minutes (Figure 3); 4.

After steaming, lift the pan and drizzle the prepared sauce, and the delicious vermicelli will be done!

Tips: 1.

Use white cotton cloth for the steamed sausage powder. The hole should not be too large, otherwise the powder will leak.


You can also add meat or shrimp when steaming.

If you use braised pork ribs or stewed burdock soup to make flour, the taste will be even more delicious.

Third, make beef smooth sausage powder, sausage powder material: 130 grams of rice noodles, 10 grams of Taibai powder, 10 grams of clear powder, 260 g of water filling materials: 40 grams of beef slices, 40 grams of bean sprouts, soy sauce, 100 grams of soy sauce1 teaspoon of umami, fish sauce, 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce, 30 grams of sugar, 25 grams of onion segments / ginger slices, 1 egg white, 1/3 teaspoon of salt / fresh chicken powder, 1/2 small sugarSpoon, 1 tsp of salad oil making process: 1.

After boiling the sauce material over low heat, strain the shallots and ginger, leaving only the sauce for later use.


Stir the beef fillet and seasonings into the filling material first, then add the bean sprouts, and mix with chopsticks to make the filling.


The intestine powder slurry material is mixed with rice flour, too white powder, and clear powder, mixed with water and mixed well, and filtered to form the intestine powder slurry.


Spread white gauze on the intestine powder furnace, pour 200 g of intestine powder slurry, put the filling in the method (2) in a zigzag shape on the intestine powder slurry, cover with steam for 3 minutes, and take it out.Shape, cut into three sections with a knife and place on a small plate, drizzle with sauce and serve.

Tips: The sausage powder furnace is a special stove for making sausage powder. If it is made at home, it can be replaced by a pan, but the effect is not as good as the sausage powder furnace.