Bathing and detoxifying to enhance your beauty

Bathing and detoxifying to enhance your beauty

Bathing and bathing, can also detoxify the body?

That’s right!

Bathing and detoxification is not a detoxification, but it also gives you a good mood!

  Taking advantage of your bathing time every day will not only make your day’s exhaustion soothing.

  Activate body metabolism Every day before going to sleep, soak a bathtub, even relax, detoxification, relieve pain, and eliminate brain fatigue.

Irregular life is easy to cause eating disorders, stress, etc., unconsciously let the body accumulate toxins, and the body’s circulation function is gradually diminishing.

Detoxification by bathing can completely solve facial problems such as rough skin, and can help you get rid of constipation, cold, edema and other physical annoyances.

  Key points: 1.

It helps to easily reduce the length of bath time, so sweating is the key to detoxification.

Adding aromatic oils or baths creates a relaxed spatial level.


After sweating, don’t forget to add water for smooth discharge, maintain a smooth lymphatic circulation, and drink mineral water to replenish moisture after sweating.


Bathing massage that warms the body warms the body and increases metabolism.

The toxin can be smoothly discharged by massage, which is a good time to detoxify.

  Use the bath time to make a towel and do a simple gymnastics!

What you need to prepare is an ordinary face towel.

When the body is warm and the muscles are soft, it is best to do exercises to relax the tired body. It can be done after bathing and ending.

  STEP1: Eliminate the stubborn solid shoulder and hold the towel twice and reach over the head.

Then the arm is back, use your left hand to pull the right hand and stretch the right side of the body.

The group was left to stand for 10 seconds while stretching to the vicinity of the waist, and alternately performed with the other side for 3 groups.

This action is effective for both arms, shoulders and neck.

  Step 2: Relax the tired body, fold the towel into a larger length, hold the separation, insert the center of the towel near the neck of the neck, and pull the towel forward with both hands.

Stand still for 10 seconds and return home.

Repeat 3 times.

  STEP3: Stretch the back side of the waist, reduce the edema and sit on the floor with your feet stretched out, and fold the feet into a wide towel.

Keep your posture slowly and slowly raise your high leg. When you lift to the highest point, it will stand still for 10 seconds and then return to position.

The left and right feet alternately perform 3 groups.

  After detoxification, the body is in a warm state after bathing. It is the best time to do gymnastics. As the metabolic capacity is improved, the blood and lymph circulation are activated, and the detoxification effect will be better.

  Step 1: Straight back, STEP2: Stretch the back of the leg STEP3: Bend and bend under the arm, and stretch one leg.

The center of gravity is placed on the curved leg, and the side legs are still 10 seconds after stretching, and the other side is the same.

  Step 4: Allow the contraction Step 5: Lying flat, one leg raised 30 cm, both hands up, the raised leg and the opposite arm lifted, feeling as if they were pulled.

Stand still for 10 seconds and the other side is the same.
  STEP6: Shrink the waist STEP7: Close your eyes and close your eyes.

Twist the waist and bend the right knee to the left.

Resting for 10 seconds while practicable lumbar contraction, returning to the same position on the other side.

  STEP8: Stretching the back muscles of the thighs STEP9: Lying on the floor, hug your knees.

Keep the posture unchanged and force the proximal end of the humerus. After standing for 5 seconds, return to the position and repeat it 3 times.  STEP10: Start STEP11 with the abdominal muscles: Hold the posture of STEP4 and use it.

Note that the legs and arms that are hugged at this time should not be separated, return to the original position again, and repeat three times.

  STEP12: Upper body enhanced bending STEP13: Prone to close the eyes on the floor.

Touch the ground with both hands, lift the upper body, then lift the lower jaw upwards, the abdomen, the cheekbones, and the cheekbones bend backwards.

After 5 seconds of rest, return to the prone position and repeat 3 times.

  Key points: 1.

Please wear clothes that are not tight and easy to move when doing exercises.


Develop the habit of doing gymnastics for 3 minutes every day. Persistence is power.


Take a deep breath and slowly do every movement.