[Is your sexual fantasy excessive?

[Is your sexual fantasy excessive?

Whether it is a man or a woman, with or without a partner, sexual fantasies are produced, but the degree of sexual fantasies is different.

Imagine yourself and having sex with your favorite heterosexuals to get the pleasure of sex life. Although this situation is normal sexual physiology, it will hurt you if you are over-exposed.

What is sexual fantasy? Generally, the content of sexual fantasy is mainly for the pursuit of joyful sexual activities, but there are also a few people who fantasize about being raped or sexually abused.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, there are two interpretations: the subconscious instinct combines attack instinct with sexual fantasy, if it points to sexual objects, it constitutes the fantasy of abusive objects; if it points to itself, it constitutes the fantasy of sexual abuse.

Under the influence of traditional sexual depression, women often experience shame or guilt in their sexual behaviors.