Zusanli pays more attention to the direction

Zusanli pays more attention to the direction

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Speaking of Zusanli, everyone knows that it is an important point in TCM health care.

Especially for the elderly, often according to the Zusanli point, can achieve the purpose of health or self-treatment.

But do you know that, according to 揉, the direction is different, and the role of Zusanli is different. In the clinic, patients often ask me, “How to find a foot in Sanli”?

In fact, as long as we start from the initial and horizontal directions, we will not be wrong.

Basic positioning: Zusanli is located 3 inches below the outer knee (there are two depressions under the tibia, the lateral depression is the outer knee).

The 3 inch here refers to the same size of the finger, not the 3 inch with the ruler, that is, the horizontal length of the four fingers (except the thumb).

Lateral positioning: horizontally at the leading edge of the bone, that is, the lateral length of a middle finger, and the vertical and horizontal intersection is the exact position of Zusanli.

Usually we can also use the alternative method of acupoint at home: placed on the palm of the hand to align the top of the top, the five fingers naturally face down, the position of the middle finger beyond the finger is the Zusanli.

Acupoints, massage, moxibustion, Chinese medicine, health, health, dysmenorrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, “Sanli” refers to the rationale, and the position of Zusanli is clearly defined. Let us talk about its origin and meaning.

Zusanli has a lower tomb, a stomach tube, a ghost evil, a lower Sanli, etc., and the name of “Zusanli” was first seen in the classic Chinese classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?”

The record of Lingshu: “Complementary Sanli to Wenzhi” is “adjusted to Sanli”.

Later generations went to the “Shengji General Record” in the Song Dynasty, and officially had the name of “Zusanli”, which was different from the “Hand Sanli” point.

The “Li” of Zusanli is a common false word in ancient times, which means “rationality”, that is, the meaning of conditioning.

“Three Miles” refers to the rational, rational, and rational.

How to understand it, this can be answered from my lectures to community residents.

Once I was invited to give a lecture to the community residents about health, saying that pressing the foot of Sanli can relieve the pain of high blood pressure. One of the listeners had a painful question on the spot: I had a small abdominal pain and was pressing Zusanli.Why is there no effect?

So I asked her to go on stage to demonstrate how she operated, seeing that she kept pressing the position of Zusanli.

I told her, I will give you a try.

In less than a moment, she told me that it was much better, and it was easy to ask me what was going on?

I told her: When I press you, I press the foot of Zusanli to force it down. This is where the cockroach is.

Looking at the doubtful expression of the audience, I further explained: Sanli, referring to the rational, rational, and rational.

The upper part of the stomach is in the upper part of the belly, and the excessive part of the stomach should be “reasoned”; when pressing the foot of the Sanli point, it must be energized at the same time; if there is a deficiency in the middle of the abdomen, it is necessary to “reason”, press hard to press it;In the lower part of the belly, the lower abdomen is so painful that it is forced to go down at the same time as the Zusanli point. This is called “Lower.”

This woman’s dysmenorrhea belongs to the kind that needs to be “reasoned”, so just pressing in it will not achieve better results.

How does the effect of Zusanli Point know how much is the use of Sanli Point in life?

What is the role?

To understand, this must first start with its acupoint attributes.

The Zusanli acupoint belongs to the acupuncture point of the twelve positive scriptures. It is the joint point of the foot-yangming stomach, the lower acupoint of the stomach, and the “four-common hole” song also points out that “the belly is three miles away.”

First of all, the acupoint belongs to the Wuji point (well, sputum, lose, meridian, combined), that is, the gas of the twelve positives is the largest when the end of the limbs reaches the joint, just like the water flows into the sea.

Therefore, the “stomach qi” of the stomach is also the largest in the position of the Zusanli.

The stomach is also a multi-gas and blood, so the stimulation of Zusanli can play a role in stimulating the stomach and regulating blood.

The lower acupoint is the acupoint of the six-yang dynasty combined with the lower limbs.

The Zusanli acupoint belongs to the abdomen of the “stomach” and the acupoints of the lower limbs.

Therefore, judging from its classification, Zusanli has a great relationship with the regulation of gastrointestinal function, so it can treat many digestive diseases.

Clinical practice has also proved that acupuncture at Zusanli can treat many ulcers and abdominal diseases such as stomach pain, vomiting, hiccups, abdominal distension, bowel, indigestion, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, constipation, and dysentery.

It can also be used in combination with many acupuncture points.

Recently, a man in his forties was seen in the clinic. The night before his visit, he suffered from rebelliousness after drinking cold and even affected sleep.

I went to my clinic early the next morning to seek acupuncture treatment.I took him to the Neiguan point and took the Zusanli point. The hiccup quickly stopped.

The patient was suffering from improper diet, overeating and cold, leading to stomach loss and depression, and stomach upset.

The Zusanli Point is the point of the stomach meridian, “the main body is against the gas and venting”, and it is also the rule of the lower hole, and the “three-mile”.

Neiguan is located 2 inches above the center of the wrist.

The four total points of the song pointed out: “Neiguan stomach heart chest”, that is, the stomach, heart, chest disease can often take Neiguan points.

The hole belongs to the hand-filled yin heart, and the upper, middle and lower three-focus, and the three-joule are mutually in the table.

The hiccup is caused by the unfavorable lifting of the air machine. It is a disease of the middle coke. The needle inside the needle has a wide chest, qi, and the function of regulating the air.

Therefore, the two holes are used in combination, the work is supplemented, the air machine is adjusted, and the air is lowered.

If you have a rebellious situation in your life, you can also press these two points yourself.

I often hear old friends say that you can take health care by pressing the foot of Sanli.

This is related to the function of the stomach and the stomach itself.

The foot-yangming stomach is considered to be a multi-gas and blood-stained meridian. The blood and blood are more redundant in the meridian, and the Zusanli acupoint is the joint point, and it is the most vigorous position of the meridian.

Therefore, the stimulation of Zusanli can promote the regulation and operation of blood and blood with the greatest effect. The blood is vigorous and smooth, and people are naturally healthy and longevity.

Deficiency syndrome is more suitable for ancient medical doctors to point out: “Intra-injury spleen and stomach, all diseases are born.”

The stomach is accepted by the Lord and the spleen is transported.

The spleen and stomach are considered to be the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

The spleen and stomach are powerful, and the qi and blood metaplasia will be guaranteed. The “stomach qi” is too much, and the pain is naturally good.

Usually more stimulating can also be physically strong and prolong life.

Treatment is especially suitable for “virulence syndrome”, such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, urinary adverse, residual urine, lower limb atrophy, convulsions, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, organ ptosis, insomnia, etc.

For health care, often with Baihui, Shenque, Guanyuan, Qihai, Sanyinjiao and so on.

Commonly used moxibustion when tonic.

“Pharmaceutical King” Sun Sizhen said that “If you want to be safe, Sanli often does not work.”

“Don’t do it” is the result of moxibustion.

There are many ways to moxibustion. The easiest and most convenient operation is to ignite the moxa stick to suspend the moxibustion at Zusanli. It can keep the moxibustion, which is called gentle moxibustion. It can also be like a bird foraging.The thalassemia, known as gargle moxibustion; can also be rotated around the Zusanli point, called circling moxibustion.

When moxibustion is to control the distance, the skin is hot and not hurt, generally 20 minutes per moxibustion.

It is also possible to use a method of separating moxibustion, placing ginger and the like on the Zusanli acupoint, and placing a muffle on it, each time 2 strong?
3 strong.

Because ginger has the effect of warming, chilling, and vomiting, it is more suitable for debilitating diseases or debilitating cold.

In addition to the moxibustion method, we can also use the moxibustion method to press the Sanli point. Press it with the thumb or the middle finger every day. Every 10 minutes or so, it is suitable for the acupoints to have soreness and fever.

Acupoints, massage, moxibustion, Chinese medicine, health, health, dysmenorrhea, gastrointestinal disease, moxibustion, Zusanli, suitable for debilitating cold disease or debilitating cold.

Acupoints, massage, moxibustion, Chinese medicine, health, health, dysmenorrhea, gastrointestinal diseases