How to layout HOS to bring health and enjoyment?

How to layout HOS to bring health and enjoyment?

How to arrange indoor furnishings when moving to a new home?

The idea of decorating a room just for the sake of convenience is a bit too simple.

The placement of each item, as well as their color changes, can have a subtle influence on the human mind, thus subtly changing your life.

  The family is the place to rest, and sleep is the most important means we use to restore energy, so the placement of the bed is crucial.

There are a few points to note here: 1.

Make sure the bed is private enough to avoid the first sight of the doorman.

The relative position of the bed and the door, to ensure that people can only see the feet of the bed instead of the upper body at the moment of entering the door.

Otherwise, people who rest in bed will have a subconscious sense of exposure and sensation, and it is easy to feel that they are being peeped, resulting in poor sleep quality.


The bed is not suitable for east and west.

This is because the Earth itself has a geomagnetic field. The direction of the Earth’s magnetic field is north-south (sub-Nan and Arctic). It is best not to reverse the magnetic field when people are resting. It is easy to cause disorder in their own circulation and cause insomnia.


The colors of the beds and curtains are exquisite.

The main color of the bed and bedroom is generally warm, can be used to adjust mood, relax mood, good for health, if there is no particularly strong personal preference, you can try to take a warm tone.

The color of the bed and the color of the curtain should be in a series, and the sofa, cushions, etc. in the bedroom should also be designed in one piece, so as to avoid the excitement caused by the strong contrast.

Coordinated colors can attenuate human aggression and ensure that people get to rest quickly.