Stye is high in the season of vigilance for four reasons to avoid duplication

Stye is high in the season of vigilance for four reasons to avoid duplication

The climate in the spring is changing, and many viruses, bacteria and allergens are also active. Some eye diseases are prone to recurrence or recurrence this season.

Ocular edema is a common eye disease in the spring. Although it is a common eye disease, it needs timely treatment and cannot be squeezed by itself.

What is the cause of stye, how to protect your eyes?

Stye is a good occurrence in children and young stoma, also known as mumps, commonly known as “needle eye”, is an ordinary eye disease, mostly in children and youth.

Stye is a disease of acute suppurative infection of the sebaceous glands and meibomian glands, divided into external stye and internal stye.

If you do not pay attention to eye health, repeated convulsions, it is easy to induce the disease.

In the affected area, there will be redness and swelling accompanied by pain.

The pus infiltrated in a week or so, and the redness disappeared.

If the pus has not been eliminated after one week, the symptoms of redness still exist, and surgery is needed.

[Four causes of recurrence of stye]1. Overuse of the eye with excessive use of the eye, ametropia and long-term eye fatigue can easily lead to the occurrence of stye.

People with trachoma and chronic conjunctivitis are also more common.

You should do more eye exercises, keep your eyes at rest, don’t stay up late, play games or work continuously.

Pay attention to the window of protection.

2, do not pay attention to eye hygiene, such as frequent hand rubbing, because the hands often contact unclean items, often have a lot of germs, these bacteria will be brought into the eye through the bad habit of blinking, causing eye infection.

Excessive fatigue, malnutrition and other physical discomforts (such as excessive learning burden, physical exertion, indigestion, diabetes, etc.), the body’s resistance is weak, the bacteria will also take advantage of the virtual, causing eye infection.

3, wearing contact lenses wearing contact lenses is covered in the cornea, and easy to carry bacteria, it should not be stacked, if the interval is more than 10 hours a day, and do not pay attention to the cleaning of the lens, it will make the eyes very susceptible to bacteriaThe infection invades, causing the recurrence of stye, and long-term continuous contact lenses will cause corneal damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the length of time for the contact lens to be placed, 9 hours a day.

4, love to eat spicy food to promote improper diet can also cause eye inflammation.

Some irritating foods, such as spicy foods, can be the cause of eye “stys” and “acute dacryocystitis”.

[Spring Eye Tips]1. Step on the green and spend more time in the outdoor sports. Going to the suburbs to see the green, and looking up, is the best way to eliminate eye fatigue.

In particular, when children go out to fly kites, they can extend their line of sight to a higher distance, naturally regulating the eye muscles and helping to relax.

2, before going to bed before 11 o’clock in the evening to sleep, Chinese medicine believes that at 11 o’clock in the evening, blood begins to follow the liver and gallbladder. At this time, when you fall asleep, let the blood flow to the liver, you can let the liver dialysis detoxification.The eyes can be raised, and the natural eyes are nourished at the same time.

3, control eye time Spring eye protection must first control the use of eye time, continuous use of the eye for about 1 hour, it is necessary to rest for 15 minutes.

You can squint your eyes with both palms and relax your muscles as much as possible.

Then massage the acupuncture points around the eyes to make the blood in the eyes smooth, in order to eliminate the tension or tightening of the ciliary muscles.

4, eat more healthy foods to ensure adequate vitamins and minerals for the eyes, there are free radicals, antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, B and zinc, can alleviate eye fatigue.

Animal livers, milk and eggs, as well as red-yellow and dark green vegetables and fruits that may be carotene are rich in vitamins.

Have you remembered these methods?

Summer is coming, we have to protect our eyes, and take a look at the beauty around us to relax.