The symptoms of acne have some common manifestations

The symptoms of acne have some common manifestations

Acne is a very common anorectal disease, mainly due to the frequent eating of some spicy, fried foods, and often sitting or otherwise, causing the end of the body to submucosal and anal canal venous plexus to expand and flex to form a softA venous mass that escapes at the exit or inside of the anus.

The most common type of acne is internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed sputum. Is there a common manifestation of acne symptoms?

Let’s take a look at it together.

Symptoms of common symptoms of acne 1, stool bleeding is painless, and there is bright red blood after the stool is a characteristic of acne, in fact, this is also the early common symptoms of guilt and mixed sputum.

Bleeding usually occurs before or after the stool. There is simple blood in the stool and it will mix with the stool.

The blood is bright red, and when it bleeds, it is sprayed, drip-like, and wiped with blood.

2, the pain of perineal pain during stool pain and stool.

Because the perianal nervous system is more developed and sharp, it is prone to pain after being stimulated.

Generally manifested as mild pain, tingling, burning, pain and so on.

3, rectal pain Anal rectal pain is mainly the symptoms of external hemorrhoids.

If the internal hemorrhoids are infected, incarceration, strangulated necrosis, which can lead to headache pain.

The lighter person has a feeling of fullness and falling, and the heavy one surpasses the pain of falling.

4, the tumor out of the anus inside the tumor out, which is mainly the symptoms of middle and late internal hemorrhoids.

As the iliac vein nucleus continues to increase, the mucosa and submucosa are separated from the anal layer. When defecation, the internal iliac nodules can descend below the dentate line, free from the anal canal, and escape through the anus.

The lighter will only come out of the anus when defecation, and the severe one will cough and press the abdomen.

5, flow secretion anal dialysis secretions.

It mainly overflows from the pocket, and is also discharged from the anus or overflows from the skin around the anus.

Long-term involvement of rectal mucosa stimulates excessive secretion; late internal hemorrhoids, due to anal sphincter relaxation, often have secretions replaced by anus.

It is experienced when the stool is light, and it occurs naturally when the person does not have a bowel movement.

6, anal itching anal and anal perianal skin hemorrhagic itching symptoms.

Mainly due to anal secretions, the prolapsed nucleus and the surrounding skin are stimulated, and the skin is deviated all the time, resulting in itching, leading to eczema and itching.

Above we have introduced the symptoms of acne in detail for everyone. If the above situation occurs, then you can basically conclude that you have acne.

How do you get acne?

The roots of acne and roots do not hurt, so be sure to go to a hospital with a professional distance.