[Concise style of two sex skills]

[Concise style of two sex skills]

Since ancient times, making love has been described as “bed brother thing”, and bed is our traditional “holy place” for making love.

When we think of sex, we think of the room, of the room, of the bed, of the fierce “struggling” of the man and woman on the big bed.

When I see the bed, sometimes I think of the “good things” that happened above.

However, if you have only had sex in bed for a long time, you will feel lack of freshness.

If this is the case, it is better that we leave the bed and let us have sex properly.

What I mean by reasonable sex is slender sex without the help of embedded objects (tables, chairs, etc.).

There are two main methods: positive method. In this method, the man can ignore the woman’s waist, let the woman hang, the vagina faces the man’s penis, and then the man mainly intervenes.

In this way, because men have to use too much power to replace women when they are having sex, they need to concentrate their psychology and strength.

If women are too heavy at this time, men need to use more strength and more attention in how to hold women firmly.

For men, the insertion of the penis during sex requires a high degree of attention.

Distracted attention will cause men to weaken their control over the sex process, and in some cases, their penis will become soft and they will not be able to continue making love.

Therefore, when adopting such a way of making love, compared with men, women must be petite, or men may be busy, and the process of making love is not smooth.