[List of foods to exclude iodine]_How to eat_How to eat

[List of foods to exclude iodine]_How to eat_How to eat

Iodine is an indispensable trace element in our body. Many people used to suffer from “rough neck” disease due to iodine deficiency. So, after adding iodine to our table salt, the disease gradually became less and less.

Iodine supplementation can be achieved through food, but other foods do not have iodine. We can learn from the list of foods that do not contain iodine, and we also know that the food in them is rich in iodine.

Foods with iodine excluded are foods with iodine poisoning which is seafood. You can’t eat seafood. Freshwater fish can eat statue fish, carp, catfish and the like. Sea fish can’t eat it.

Vegetables, meat, eggs, and soy products can be eaten without iodine.

In addition, the iodoacetic acid in our body is absorbed from iodized salt, so you can eat crude salt and buy non-iodized salt.

The diet of patients with hyperthyroidism must pay attention to high metabolism, high protein, high vitamins and supplements of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium, etc. to break down the consumption caused by hypermetabolism.

Dietary contraindications for patients with hyperthyroidism 1. Carrots: Carrots have a great effect on weight loss, but because it will improve some digestive problems, it is easy to affect thyroid function and make goiter.

2. Exciting drinks: Drinks like coffee increase the difficulty of controlling abnormal excitement in patients with hyperthyroidism, which can easily aggravate the condition.

3, spicy and stimulating foods: such as peppers, oil cakes, fried broad beans and other spicy foods should be avoided, for some more greasy foods such as desserts, fatty meat and the like can easily worsen the disease.

Patients with hyperthyroidism should avoid spicy foods such as peppers, oil cakes, and fried broad beans.

4, a large number of iodine supplementation: patients with hyperthyroidism generally do not need to add iodine, this is because the patient’s thyroid function is relatively hyperactive, if you continue to add iodine, it is easy to make the condition worse.

Therefore, avoid eating more fish, seaweed and other foods, because patients with hyperthyroidism eat foods with iodine, may harden thyroid tissue.

Obviously iodine food can make the symptoms slightly milder, but it makes the hyperthyroidism more difficult to heal, and it also makes the swollen lumps hard.