Simple tips to help you say goodbye to annoying foot athletes

Simple tips to help you say goodbye to annoying “foot athletes”

How to wear sneakers can prevent the birth of athlete’s foot, the method is very simple, that is, always keep the shoes clean and dry, do the usual brushing (do not wash the rubber part with soap), take off the shoes at night, and put them in a ventilated place.
  Because sports shoes are soft and comfortable, and they are strong and durable.
But often wear, the feet are prone to “moisture.”
  ”Moisture” means “foot wet” and the doctor calls “foot gas.”
It is caused by mold that survives and reproduces by sweat secreted by the body.
People’s feet, especially the toe parts, moisture is difficult to emit, the shoes are often wet, which creates favorable conditions for the activity and reproduction of mold, so wearing sports shoes is prone to “foot”.
  So, how can you wear sneakers to prevent birth?
The method is very simple, that is, always keep the inside of the shoes clean and dry, do the usual brushing (do not wash the rubber part with soap), take off the shoes at night, and put them in a ventilated place.
It is best to buy some dehydrated sputum (ie anhydrous alum) or anhydrous calcium chloride. The quicklime can also be wrapped in gauze. In the evening, the moisture is absorbed in the shoes. The gauze is placed in a closed container the next morning.Use it again, so you can wear dry sneakers every day.
In addition, wear sneakers should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the feet, do not give the opportunity to mold, “foot athlete” can reduce or not relapse.

Old people use computers to prevent mouse hand

Old people use computers to prevent “mouse hand”

Old people who often use computers sometimes have difficulty in swollen finger joints and severe bursitis.
The disease is characterized by pain, swelling, and stiffness. When the finger is stretched, it occasionally “squeaks”.
The pain is caused by the tendon and tendon sheath that are involved in inflammation and adhesion when the tendon slides.
  The prevention method of bursitis is that, like warming up before exercise, you should also “warm your fingers” before typing, and do a health exercise before going to the machine.
First force the fist, let go for 10 seconds, then let go of the limbs and the whole body, so that the upper limbs and hands move open, increasing blood circulation supply.
Thus, even if the motion is repeatedly repeated locally, the chance of being damaged is reduced.
  Correct fingering and posture are also good for reducing the chance of hand pain.
When I first start learning the computer, I use two or three fingers to knock the keyboard, and the posture is placed incorrectly, which is most likely to cause local fatigue damage.
If the four fingers can be used together, the labor intensity is evenly distributed, and the chance of injury will certainly be supported.
Do not continue to work for too long, to rest intermittently, it is best to stop and take a break every 15-20 minutes to do the stretching of the finger joints.
It is good for reducing hand disease and eye disease after going to the outdoors for two hours after using the computer.
After the word is finished, you can also let the hand first make a “hot water exercise”, and then do the repeated fist movement and release the stretching action to increase the softness of the tendon.

Make your mind more flexible 8 sports

Make your mind more flexible 8 sports

When infancy is the development of a person’s life, we develop a body that can be used for decades in just one year.

But after the baby, it does not mean that our development stops.

Although the speed of renewal of various parts of the body will slow down, it will continue to develop as always.

So, if you want to make yourself more arguably more intelligent, you may want to use your methods to stimulate your mind to develop again in the days to come!

  Traditional sayings are constantly being broken by new research results, and some previously widely recognized adults no longer grow new brain cells.

Recent studies have shown that although most of the brain development process is carried out in childhood, not all brain cells are declared to have stopped production as soon as they reach adulthood.

  There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain, and neurons will continue to produce and change in adulthood.

Although some of them will experience age decline and decline (don’t worry!

As long as the health is healthy, the recession process will be very slow).

But if we insist on exercise, we can promote the regeneration of brain cells!

  Exercise is beneficial to the brain to upgrade the most significant sign of the movement of brain cells – fully mobilize the aerobic exercise of the limbs!

  The brain needs a lot of oxygen when it performs the function of receiving and transmitting information.

Adequate aerobic exercise can make the brain receive more nutrients and improve the brain’s memory and thinking ability.

  1, walk to buy a pair of walking sticks, formally join the trend walking ranks!

  Walking as an effective cardio-pulmonary exercise, the average walking rate is increased by at least 13%, and the brain gains at least 5%.

Because we have a pair of assistant walking sticks, we can also make full use of our hands when walking upright, so that we can coordinate with our limbs and promote brain cell renewal.

  Ordinary walking is also possible!

3 walks a week, 30 minutes or more.

The brain’s ability to learn, attention, and abstract reasoning can also increase by 15%.

  2, dance Our athletic ability is sometimes weaker than men, because they are better at using the left brain and easier to balance.

  Lack of stable balance ability, not only the inflexibility of body movements, but also seriously affect the correct development of left and right brain function differentiation, especially the organization of the left brain, reasoning and understanding.

  Unlike animals, many of the animal’s skills are natural, sometimes the ability of cats to climb trees, the ability of frogs to swim.

But we can master all the skills through the learning of the day after tomorrow.

In turn, we exercise our brains by learning these skills.

  3, fighting and fighting sports, both hands and brains, constantly beating body activities.

  Every action you take is done after the brain is meticulous and quickly considered.

  Your cerebral cortical nerve is in the most appropriate state of excitement.

  You observe sharpness, clear memory, active thinking, and the potential to create.

  Your self-fulfilling needs are stronger, and the will to overcome difficulties and the belief to win are more determined.

  Full blood oxygen supply to the brain, memory and thinking ability is greatly enhanced.

  4. The world of skiing is developing towards equal and free freedom that we aspire to.

Anyone can challenge Bill or Charles, and the challenge begins with a long-lasting sport-skiing that the nobles love.

  The close cooperation of the eyes, hands, legs and feet during the gliding can maximize the speed of our reaction.

In particular, alpine skiing creates a strong sense of success and enhances self-confidence in meeting various challenges.

  Added value, soft, and at the same time get exercise.

  5. Cycling and carefully recalling, is the memory of bicycles very beautiful and pleasant?

  Studies have shown that this beautiful mood really happened at the time, because proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes us happy and happy – riding a bicycle can produce this hormone.

  Cycling can compress blood vessels, use blood circulation to accelerate, and the brain corrects more oxygen, so you will feel clear and clear thinking after cycling.  It is very likely that the BMW will be taken out for sale. Cycling is likely to be the CEO!

This is the new weather on Wall Street!

  6, table tennis, your boss playing table tennis?

If he plays table tennis, you have to practice hard, otherwise your brain may not be able to keep up with his thinking!

  Scientific research has shown that it promotes the blood circulation of the brain, supplies sufficient energy to the brain, and has a good brain function.

  Added value: “Optimum anti-myopia exercise” When playing table tennis, the eyes aim at table tennis, keep going far and near, up and down, left and right adjustment and movement, constantly making the ciliary muscle and the extraocular muscles alternately contract and relax, promotingThe blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue can effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.

  7, yoga “She seems to be getting more and more brains.

“We often find that some women around us have changed after practicing yoga.

This is not an illusion, or even a fact – the American researchers confirmed.

This is related to the ability of yoga to bring people to relax and improve their body control.

  The researchers found out by comparing all the postures of yoga.

  8. Orienteering orienteering means that the participants cross the topographic map and the north arrow and independently search for several ground checkpoints plotted on the map in the prescribed order, and complete the whole schedule movement in the shortest time.

  Orienteering requires participants to have good judgment and learning ability.

It can be said that after going out of the school, the mathematics, astronomy, geography, biology, physics and other knowledge are re-learned and practiced.

  The more healthy the body, the more flexible the brain is!

Acute myocardial infarction with a certain medicine first aid

Acute myocardial infarction with a certain medicine first aid

About 50% of patients who died of acute myocardial infarction died outside the hospital within 1 hour after the onset of the disease. The cause of death was mainly a fatal arrhythmia that could be treated.

Obviously, patients with acute myocardial infarction have a delay from onset to treatment.

The reasons for delays in patient visits, pre-hospital transshipment, and post-hospital diagnosis and treatment preparation are too long, with delays in patient visit delays being the longest.

  Therefore, the basic task of pre-hospital emergency treatment for patients with acute myocardial infarction is to help patients safely and quickly transfer to the hospital, and start the coronary re-implantation treatment as soon as possible; the focus is to shorten the delay of patient visits and various delays before the hospital.

To help patients with high risk factors or acute myocardial infarction to improve the ability to recognize acute myocardial infarction, the brakes themselves resume immediately to take the following measures: stop any active activities and exercise; immediately sublingual nitroglycerin 1 tablet, 5 minutesCan be reused, if there is no contraindications, oral orally aspirin or chewing aspirin 150-300mg, if the nitroglycerin is still ineffective, it should be 999 or 120 emergency calls, and the emergency center will be equipped with professional medical staff.An ambulance for equipment such as emergency medicines and defibrillators is transported to a nearby hospital that provides 24-hour cardiac first aid.

Lin Yichen teaches you how to maintain anti-aging

Lin Yichen teaches you how to maintain anti-aging

Lin Yichen has always been a sweet image in front of our public. So after so many years, why can’t I see the traces of a trace of time in front of her?

The following small series will take you to see how Lin Yichen refuses women’s old.

  Lin Yichen’s maintenance tips, do you really want to know?

Then take a look with Xiaobian!

  ”Elderly” is the premature aging, and is considered to be the more common aging symptoms in women around the age of 30.

However, the skin of Lin Yichen in our drama still maintains a young state, and the power of time seems to play no role in Lin Yichen’s body.

How does Lin Yichen usually maintain and maintain his youthful state?

  Lin Yichen believes that the most important thing to maintain is to eat well, in order to let the body out of the “beauty” from the inside out.

Lin Yichen pointed out that she would drink 8 to 10 cups of boiled water every day, and the fruits and vegetables are the food that should be absorbed every day.

Lin Yichen’s mother will prepare more than 5 fruits for Lin Yichen every day, and the fruit should be freshly purchased.

  In addition, Lin Yichen also said that she usually likes to eat some white broccoli, carrots, lettuce, celery, beetroot, cabbage, cabbage and other vegetables, these vegetables are very rich in nutrition, but also beauty.

  As for the fruit, she especially likes to eat grapes, mangoes, persimmons, pineapples, cherries, apples, lychees, strawberries and so on.

It can be seen that vegetables and fruits are the secret “weapons” to prevent the phenomenon of “old-age”.

  Lin Yichen has taken care of eating fruits and vegetables and ensuring water supplements. She also values green tea.

Seeing Lin Yichen has been running 30, her skin is still so white and tender, the original green tea is also one of the heroes behind Lin Yichen’s maintenance.

Lin Yichen believes that drinking green tea can drain away from the body and relieve greasy.

  In addition, the polyphenol component contained in green tea is 200 times more resistant to oxidation and free radicals than vitamin C.

Therefore, drinking green tea not only helps to keep weight slim, but also has good health effects on body cells. Lin Yichen self-exposure and maintenance. In fact, every girl wants to not go old, but the years will always leave traces, but many female starsBut you are very well maintained, so how is Lin Yichen doing maintenance?

  Women are born to love beauty, especially female artists, who need to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time and show people in the best condition.

Lin Yichen has a white and smooth skin. It has a unique experience, good diet and living habits, which makes people more beautiful and healthy. Although the entertainment work often has to be reversed day and night, the diet is not regular, and the rest is not enough, but Lin Yichen still insists on eating.Good, to make the body from inside to outside.

  “I am easy to eat, water and fruits and vegetables are essential.

I must drink 8 to 10 cups of water every day. I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. My mother will prepare a small amount of 5 fruits for me every day, and I must choose fresh ones.

“Lin Yichen has a lot of fruits and vegetables that I love,” I like to eat lettuce, celery, white broccoli, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, and cabbage. I love apples, grapes, mangoes, lychees, strawberries., persimmon, pineapple, cherry, etc.

“In order to take care of slimming and beauty on an empty stomach, Lin Yichen’s recipe is to eat fruit every sky belly.”

She smiled happily and said: “In fact, as long as I sleep for 8 hours, my skin will obviously become better, but usually I will eat fruit in the morning on an empty stomach, I also eat bird’s nest, usually eat fruit on an empty stomach in the morning.Drink before, at night, drink on an empty stomach before going to bed, because after dinner, it takes 4 hours to go to bed, so it is an empty stomach before going to bed.

“Drinking green tea beauty, but weekdays, Lin Yichen is drinking green tea beauty, in addition to greasy, but also because fresh green tea contains polyphenol residue, antioxidant and anti-free radical is 200 times that of vitamin C, even cosmetics manufacturers choose to use green tea to join,The effect is recognized by professionals, so Lin Yichen also strongly recommends drinking green tea, which can preserve beauty and health at the same time.

  Immersed incense and decompression Lin Yichen also revealed that he will eat some collagen on weekdays, and occasionally use pearl powder to enhance the body’s immune function and enhance the quality of the skin. He also loves the aromatherapy, orange and rose scent.It is a good heart.

In the color of the favorite cosmetics, Lin Yichen said: “eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara and other eye makeup parts, I replace the earth color or dark color, because of the eye shape relationship, light eye makeup makes my eyes look like bubblesBubbles.

Lip gloss I tend to choose a lip gloss that is close to my lips or light, bright.

Ren: The hero of the female stationed in Yan

Ren: The hero of the female stationed in Yan

Glutinous rice is a grass plant, also known as coix seed, six grains and so on.

Glutinous rice is one of the chronic and ancient foods.

The folks have long known about glutinous rice, making meals as a good meal, and regard it as a valuable Chinese medicine. It is widely used in medicated diets and is listed as one of the court substitutes.

  Glutinous rice has a high nutritional value and contains protein 13.

7%, 姨 5.

4%, cobalt 64.


The protein contained is much higher than rice and has a high surface.

The eight essential amino acids necessary for the human body are complete and the ratio is close to the needs of the human body.

Adults are rich in linoleic acid; the B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other inorganic salts are also very impressive.

Moreover, it has the characteristics of being easily digested and absorbed, which is beneficial to reducing the burden of obesity and enhancing physical fitness.

In addition, glutinous rice also contains high-value sterols, β-γ two sitosterols, these special ingredients, that is, the mystery of glutinous rice has anti-cancer effect.

  25-50 grams of glutinous rice kernels, 150-200 grams of wild water chestnuts (with shell cut), a total of boiled juice, 2 times a day, even for 1 month for a course of treatment, for gastric cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancerThe development of soybeans has an inhibitory effect.

  Glutinous rice is also a kind of beauty food. It can keep the human skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots, and has good curative effect on desquamation, hemorrhoids, cleft palate and rough skin.

Regular consumption of glutinous rice food is also effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.

Normal healthy people often eat glutinous rice food, which can not only dilute the diuretic, but also make the body lighter and reduce the chance of cancer.

  Here are a few beauty recipes based on glutinous rice: First, the beauty of the barley soup material: barley powder, fresh milk practice: add fresh milk to the coix seed powder about 5-10 grams, stir it.

  Second, whitening barley sesame soup material: two spoons of barley powder, a spoonful of sesame, a little milk: mix all the materials, add 200c.


Hot milk can be.

  Third, Huanren to acne material: 1.

Coix seed 30 grams 2.

Purple backed sunflower grass, Houttuynia cordata, dandelion (one of the above three) fresh 30 grams (or 15 grams of dry goods) 3 .

Water 800cc practice: 1.

Wash the two materials clean.


Put them in the pot together, add water to boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.


Filter out the soup, about 500cc.

  Announcement law: 1.

This 500 cc soup can be divided into three times three times between meals during the day.


It can also be diluted with water and treated as ordinary tea at any time.


If you cook the dissolved soup once, you can store it in the refrigerator, add it with warm water and then put it in.

  Description: This formula can clear away heat and detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It can be used to make acne pustules dissipate for about 3 months. At the same time, coix seed has the effect of removing blood and removing blood from the blood. It can remove pigment and stain after long-term use.