[Demystifying Men’s Sexual Psychological Code]_Men

[Demystifying Men’s Sexual Psychological Code]_Men

Men often encounter unpleasant things at work. In addition, the usual work pressure is huge, and it is easy to breed some bad emotions. These bad emotions have existed for a long time, which may affect the physical health of men.Health is very important.

First, when feelings are depressed, they often release themselves as men through sex. Many people are unwilling to be weak, such as fear, disappointment, and so on. Sex is often used as a way to vent these internal emotions.

At this time, if the wife wants more tenderness at this time, she can only be disappointed.

Because although the husband is vented physically, he does not need to eliminate the internal tension, and the wife will realize the insult and feel that she is a tool for the husband to vent his anger.

In fact, when men are afraid, disappointed, and nervous, they want a loyal partner around them, so sex is an effective way for them to regain confidence and feel relieved.

Therefore, when the wife feels nervous about her husband, she should find ways to share it with him so that he feels safe and tells you what he is saying.

Such couples will feel closer, and the sexual life that follows will be more memorable.


[Intrauterine birth control ring]_Intrauterine birth control ring_Notes_Intrauterine birth control ring placement

[Intrauterine birth control ring]_Intrauterine birth control ring_Notes_Intrauterine birth control ring placement

What are the precautions for IUD placement?

For couples, although there are many methods of self-confidence, the more convenient and saving method is to place the IUD ring. After the IUD ring is placed, women only need to ensure that the IUD ring is not replaced.The role of initial confidence.

However, for women who want to place an IUD, they must pay attention to supplementing these matters to see if they are suitable for IUD placement.

First of all, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, acute vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, excessive menstrual bleeding or irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, and cervical neck are too narrow; women who cause severe systemic diseases should not put on the ring, otherwise it will cause arthritisHeavier, increased menstrual flow and so on.

In fact, although the operation of putting the ring is simple and safe, it is a surgical operation after all. In order to avoid infection, the intercourse must be cancelled 3 days before and 2 weeks after the operation. Pay attention to vaginal hygiene.Causes uterine cavity infection.

Should pay attention to rest in advance?
2 days, do not do heavy physical labor and heavy exercise activities within a week, because the uterine cervix is loose after the ring is released, and the ring is easy to replace.

The intrauterine birth control ring should be replaced after placement. Cervical laceration does not affect the upper birth control ring itself at the bottom of the uterus, but it should be noted that it should be reviewed to prevent the possibility of ring replacement.

Women with loose uterine orifices and heavy menstrual cycles may shift their IUD during menstruation. Therefore, when using the toilet during menstruation, pay attention to whether the ring falls out with blood.

Generally, in the first month after the ring is released, go to the hospital for inspection once the menstruation is clean, and then check again after 3 months.

Can I l?
Review once every 2 years.

Within 3 months after the ring is released, especially during the menstrual period, you should pay attention to whether the ring is replaced. If you find a replacement, take other contraceptive measures in time, and go to the hospital again after menstruation.

The precautions for IUD placement are introduced here, and women who have placed IUDs are reminded that if you have placed them for more than 5 years, it is recommended that you replace them with new IUDs in a timely manner.If you have reached the age of menopause, and menopause has been for more than half a year, it is also recommended that you remove the IUD.

[Uncovering Ambiguity Education in Chinese Wedding Customs]

[Uncovering Ambiguity Education in Chinese Wedding Customs]

Dianxi will definitely avoid the bride ‘s pre-menstrual period and choose a lucky date, called “Dianxi Day”. The man looks for Mr. Feng Shui, and according to the sex of the man and the woman, the birthday and the eight characters, the marriage day is calculated.

After the “order” is complete, the man will go to the woman’s house to “send the day.”

If the woman’s family returns the day, she needs to “order” again.

Not that the days are unlucky, mainly because the days coincide with the menstrual period of the girls.

The man is going to ask Mr. Feng Shui to “take some time” again.

Mr. Feng Shui will “point the day” again, and it must be 15 days behind or before.

The menstrual period is pushed back or 15 days in advance, which happens to be the ovulation period of women, so it is not uncommon for newlyweds to get pregnant on their honeymoon.

Modern medicine has proven that it is not appropriate to have children when you are newly married due to fatigue, drinking and other factors.

There is another way for “Happy Days”. Mr. Feng Shui chooses two days at a time, one in the first half of the month and one in the second half of the month.


[How to make eggplant with loofah]_how to do_how to do

[How to make eggplant with loofah]_how to do_how to do

Luffa fried eggplant is less eaten, but the nutritional content of the two is similar, so it can still be eaten together.

However, the two are not suitable for eating more, are not easy to digest, and those with weak stomachs are not suitable for eating.

Its method is very common, there is no special place, but the selection of loofah is a bit particular.

Picking a loofah mainly depends on its shape, skin, and color, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. You can pick the tender one.

From a nutritional point of view, loofah contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin C, as well as saponins, plant mucus, xylose gum, loofah bitterness, citrulline and so on.

Eggplant contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

The nutritional content of the two is similar, and there is no food phase, but because the loofah and eggplant are cold vegetables, you ca n’t eat too much. The body has indigestion, is prone to diarrhea, and has a cold spleen and stomach.Eat more.

Ingredients: loofah, eggplant, bean paste, ginger, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, raw soy sauce, pepper, chicken essence Method: 1. Wash the eggplant, peel the loofah, cut the eggplant into pieces, and slice the loofah.

2, spare ginger, garlic, ginger (or minced) garlic, chopped.

3. Boil the pan and add the cooking oil. When the pan is hot, put the garlic and ginger into the pan.

Add in watercress sauce and stir fry.

4. Put the sliced loofah eggplant into the pan and stir fry.

Add salt (optional this time), raw soy, pepper, chicken, seasoning) until cooked out.

1. Look at the shape to choose a regular shape. The shape of the squash is equally thick on both ends, and the gourd is white and fluffy. Don’t choose the part of the gourd that is swollen.
Hooked loofah is difficult to peel and difficult to handle, so it is best not to choose.

2. Look at the epidermis and see if the surface of the loofah is not rotten.

The end of the loofah is best to have flowers, and the loofah with flowers is generally relatively fresh.

3. Look at the texture and look at the texture of the loofah. The fine and uniform texture is relatively tender, the texture is clear and the deeper is older. If it is used for cooking, it is recommended to choose a tender loofah. If it is used for extracting loofah, it can beChoose an older loofah.

4. Look at the fresh color of the loofah is tender green and shiny; the surface of the old loofah is matte and the texture will produce black.

5. Touch the loofah. If the loofah is elastic, it usually means fresh, inelastic, and too soft means it is not fresh.

In addition, if the loofah is too hard, it can be bitter and taste bad.

Workplace elite must have anti-stress food

Workplace elite must have anti-stress food

Race against time – using these four words to describe the work of white-collar workers is no exaggeration.

One push and then push the meal time, the sitting position with poor blood circulation, staying up late at three o’clock, the body will inevitably issue a “protest” for a long time.

Hong Kong white-collar workers often eat snacks when they work.

In the end, there should be some “material reserves” in your small parking lot, is it healthy?

  Iron-meat animal protein foods are rich in iron, which helps the body maintain energy.

Improve your brain’s concentration and concentration, allowing you to focus more on stress.

  Food sources: lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, fish and seafood.

  Calcium-milk absorbs calcium to strengthen teeth and bones and prevent osteoporosis.

It is also a nutritious food suitable for daily consumption.

  Food sources: skimmed milk, soy milk, cheese, tofu, various beans and soy products.

  Vitamins and Fruits and Vegetables The American College of Cancer Research report that eating a lot of vegetables and fruits every day and supplementing too much vitamins and minerals can prevent about 60% of cancers.

  Food sources: fruits, including papaya, orange, apple and all kinds of strawberries; vegetables, including spinach, lettuce, broccoli, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes.

  Cellulose-grain grains are rich in energy and provide the energy needed for daily activities. In addition, it is rich in cellulose, which helps the intestines to move and help digestion.

Get rid of the Tai Ping breast enhancement natural recipe

Get rid of the “Tai Ping” breast enhancement natural recipe

Gummy food: Represents food: pig’s feet, pig’s tail, chicken feet, beef, tendons, sea cucumbers.
  TIPS: Gummy foods can increase breast fat.
Therefore, colloidal food is one of the important components of breast growth, and has a very good breast enhancement effect.
Vegetables: Represents food: lettuce (lettuce), goose (oily), lettuce, broccoli, sweet potato, kale, corn, potato, tomato, eggplant, carrot.
  TIPS: Among the leafy foods, lettuce has the most breast enhancement effect, followed by goose and lettuce.
Stone fruit, seed food: Representative food: walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, lotus seeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, peas, sunflower seeds.
  TIPS: This kind of food is rich in protein, egg phosphorus and fat, which can breast and brain, really let you have a “wave” brain!
The seed coat of seed foods has a similar hormone component, which promotes gonadal development and also has maintenance effects, so it is best to eat even skin.
Fruits: Represents food: papaya, peach, banana, apple, cherry, chestnut, olive, longan (longan).
  TIPS: Papaya, especially green papaya, contains more papaya enzymes. It can be cooked with fish and meat to help digestion of the protein and promote the development of the mammary gland. It is also the best nutritious food for lactating mothers and can promote the secretion of milk.

Massage and diet to help you smooth out wrinkles

Massage and diet to help you smooth out wrinkles

The years give people wisdom, but they also bring troubles, the most obvious is the deep and shallow wrinkles of the arms.

Although many people are 25 years old or even younger, they will appear in the eyes and thin and short wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. But in fact, these wrinkles are fake wrinkles, mainly because of photoaging, skin loss or even weight loss.Aunts are reduced by factors such as hydration, sun protection, normal life and excess sleep are the recipe for smoothing these small wrinkles.

  True wrinkles usually appear from the age of 35. The forehead lines, the decree lines, and the crow’s feet are usually referred to as wrinkles.

This is because, around the age of 35, through the decline in the function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands and the depletion of internal fibrous reserves, the tension of the internal extension of the skin is continuously reduced, and the local area begins to fall, so wrinkles are generated and become increasingly apparent.

  Although the production of true wrinkles is a long process, once it starts, it is irreversible, and if you want to eliminate it, you can only rely on medical beauty techniques.

However, there are still many ways to gradually emerge from it.

In addition to normal life, smoking cessation, alcohol, proper exercise, mental health, and other health-based corners, the use of specialized anti-wrinkle skin care products, regular massage, can eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

  Here are 4 simple massage methods: mouth corner, use the middle finger to the abdomen, massage from bottom to top in a circular way, do 3-5 times; end of the eye, first use one hand to gently extend the end of the eye beyond the flat, the other handThe ring finger is inserted into the end of the eye to massage in a circle; the eyebrow is used to reorganize the eyebrow from the bottom to the top with a middle finger, and cross massage; forehead, use the palm of the palm, insert the forehead from the bottom up.

  In addition, many foods also have anti-wrinkle effects.

For example, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, bananas, etc. in fruits and vegetables.

  Pork chops, steaks, pig ears, pig’s feet, and skins of collagen in carrots also have anti-wrinkle effects.

These foods contain vitamin sulphate, collagen and other ingredients, which are components of the dermis layer.

Therefore, absorbing these foods contributes to the repair of the dermis layer, resulting in an anti-wrinkle effect.

Three disciplines in the autumn to lose weight

“Three disciplines in the autumn to lose weight”

曾经的“三大纪律 八项注意” 在这个秋天减肥计划中有了新的解释,在琳琅满目的减肥方法中我们一定要坚决贯彻下边的“三八”方针,努力打造今秋符合我们身体特色的宅Living weight loss program.
  Discipline one, reasonable diet control of heat Note 1.
Weight loss: control of staple foods and restrictions on sweets If the original food intake is large, the staple food can be reduced by 50 grams per day for three meals.
Gradually control the staple food to about 250-300 grams, the main grain such as wheat, rice and some miscellaneous grains can be used, but the food intake must be strictly limited, to develop the habit of eating seven or eight full.
For foods that contain too much starch and are extremely sweet, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root starch, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, malted milk, and fruit juice sweets, try to eat less or not.
  For foods that contain too much fat, such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, and various animal oils, cream and fried foods should also be moderated.
Non-staple foods can be lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products and vegetables and fruits with less sugar.
  Note 2: Dietary fiber weight loss Fiber can hinder the absorption of food. The fiber swells in the stomach and can form a large volume, which makes people feel full and helps to reduce the amount of food. It has a certain effect on weight control.
People who eat more fiber-containing foods can digest and absorb them in a certain period of time and then excrete the waste.
People who eat more fiber in the diet have more chewing times, so the meal speed is slowed down, and as a result, the small intestine can slowly absorb nutrients, and the blood sugar level is difficult to rise.
  Since dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, if consumed in large quantities, constipation is naturally reduced, and the incidence of colorectal cancer is also reduced.
Therefore, obese people still eat more fiber as well.
  Note 3.
Fast weight loss: high protein “new revolution in diet” and vinegar to lose weight Principle: High-carbohydrate foods can cause obesity, unstoppable hunger and appetite.
Thus, limiting the intake of carbohydrates while absorbing large amounts of high-protein foods can reduce body weight and maintain a slim body.
  The slimming recipe has a two-week cycle. In the 14-day slimming program, you can only eat the right amount of vegetables, but you can eat enough milk, eggs, meat, and fish.
This puts the body in a state that relies on fat rather than carbohydrates to provide energy.
  The rise of vinegar fever at home and abroad, such as obese people in the United States and Japan are drinking vinegar to lose weight.
Vinegar contains volatile substances, amino acids and organic acids.
It is reported that taking 15-20 ml of vinegar daily can play a certain role in weight loss.
In recent years, Japan has produced a kind of “brown rice vinegar essence” which is a solid granule. It is convenient to carry and take. It takes 20 capsules a day, and it has obvious weight loss effect in one month.
  A health vinegar produced in Shanghai is also very good.
In daily life, vinegar eats a lot, you can eat food, eat raw food, you can also put a little vinegar in the soup to adjust your appetite.
  Note 4.
Drinking water or drinking soup to lose weight Drinking water is an indispensable need in people’s daily lives.
In the summer, you can eat watermelon, tomatoes and other thirst quenchers.
Watermelon juice, winter melon soup and diuretic.
Excessive restriction of water can make the secretion of sweat glands in fat people, which is unfavorable to regulate body temperature, especially urine concentration, metabolic residue is not easy to drain, and can cause symptoms such as polydipsia, headache, and fatigue.
Drinking water in moderation can replenish water and regulate lipid metabolism.
  Always drink soup to keep your health.
Drinking soup is good for human health.
The study found that soup is a good appetite suppressant.
Therefore, some obese people use soup to lose weight.
Drink more soup when you are eating, to reduce the intake of staple foods, so as to achieve weight loss.
  Note 5.
Slow Food Weight Loss When you eat, you can slow down your diet and achieve weight loss.
Japanese researcher Nakamura observed that the same amount of food was the same. Obese men ate 8-10 minutes, while the thinners ate 13-16 minutes. In addition, he also investigated the number of chews of food, obese men.Need 7.
7 times, obese women need 8.1 time, while the average man needs 8.

9 times, the average woman needs 9.

4 times.

  He then used a slowing speed to test the weight loss. He found that obese men lost 4 kg after 19 weeks, and obese women lost weight after 20 weeks.

5 kg.

Therefore, Nakamura pointed out that when food enters the human body, blood sugar will rise. When blood sugar rises to a certain level, when the appetite center of the brain sends out a stop signal, it often eats too much food.

So fast food can cause obesity.

  If the speed of eating is slowed down, the amount of food can be effectively controlled and the effect of body weight can be reduced.

So eat slowly when you eat.

  Discipline 2, reasonable work and help to lose weight attention 6.

Relatively half an hour after a meal, the biggest reason for women to gain weight is negligence. Because of the busy work and study, there is no time to rationally allocate life and arrange their own diet.

In fact, you can eat at least one and a half hours after eating, which can avoid the slight accumulation of troubles on the small stomach, but also save after the remedy.

  Note 7.

A big bogey of fasting and losing weight 5 hours before going to bed is to eat before going to bed.

When you sleep, your body doesn’t need to exercise, and all the things you eat will be absorbed by the body and become hoarding.

If you are too hungry, you can only eat a small amount of boiled vegetables or fruits.

  As long as you can follow these three principles for a long time, your body will naturally stay slim and beautiful, while enjoying the food, it is very simple and convenient.

  Discipline three, physical exercise increases energy consumption attention 8.

Put on your right weight loss suit, exercise, and increase energy consumption.

  The most effective exercise for weight loss is aerobic exercise, especially sports that consume too much energy, such as jogging, mountain climbing, brisk walking, ball sports, swimming, etc. It is best to finish each exercise once, and do not stop in the middle.And each exercise consumes a trace amount of 300 kcal, usually this amount of exercise will cause the heart rate to accelerate, or the degree of sweating.

  Exercise will increase the body’s metabolic rate, but its effect is only two days at most, so the most important thing for exercise is to persevere, if you can’t do it for at least two days a day.

  For an extremely fat person, even walking may be a big burden. Therefore, when choosing the type of exercise, it is necessary to do the best. It is necessary to focus on the body energy and gradually increase the amount of exercise so that the heart and lungs cannot be loaded, or the muscles and joints.Injured.

  The following may be a few sports that consume 300 kilocalories: 30-50 minutes of jogging.

Riding a bicycle for 60-75 minutes.

Walk 60-90 minutes.

Swimming for 30-40 minutes.

Play tennis for 45-60 minutes.

Jump rope for 30-40 minutes.

Make your mind more flexible 8 sports

Make your mind more flexible 8 sports

When infancy is the development of a person’s life, we develop a body that can be used for decades in just one year.

But after the baby, it does not mean that our development stops.

Although the speed of renewal of various parts of the body will slow down, it will continue to develop as always.

So, if you want to make yourself more arguably more intelligent, you may want to use your methods to stimulate your mind to develop again in the days to come!

  Traditional sayings are constantly being broken by new research results, and some previously widely recognized adults no longer grow new brain cells.

Recent studies have shown that although most of the brain development process is carried out in childhood, not all brain cells are declared to have stopped production as soon as they reach adulthood.

  There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain, and neurons will continue to produce and change in adulthood.

Although some of them will experience age decline and decline (don’t worry!

As long as the health is healthy, the recession process will be very slow).

But if we insist on exercise, we can promote the regeneration of brain cells!

  Exercise is beneficial to the brain to upgrade the most significant sign of the movement of brain cells – fully mobilize the aerobic exercise of the limbs!

  The brain needs a lot of oxygen when it performs the function of receiving and transmitting information.

Adequate aerobic exercise can make the brain receive more nutrients and improve the brain’s memory and thinking ability.

  1, walk to buy a pair of walking sticks, formally join the trend walking ranks!

  Walking as an effective cardio-pulmonary exercise, the average walking rate is increased by at least 13%, and the brain gains at least 5%.

Because we have a pair of assistant walking sticks, we can also make full use of our hands when walking upright, so that we can coordinate with our limbs and promote brain cell renewal.

  Ordinary walking is also possible!

3 walks a week, 30 minutes or more.

The brain’s ability to learn, attention, and abstract reasoning can also increase by 15%.

  2, dance Our athletic ability is sometimes weaker than men, because they are better at using the left brain and easier to balance.

  Lack of stable balance ability, not only the inflexibility of body movements, but also seriously affect the correct development of left and right brain function differentiation, especially the organization of the left brain, reasoning and understanding.

  Unlike animals, many of the animal’s skills are natural, sometimes the ability of cats to climb trees, the ability of frogs to swim.

But we can master all the skills through the learning of the day after tomorrow.

In turn, we exercise our brains by learning these skills.

  3, fighting and fighting sports, both hands and brains, constantly beating body activities.

  Every action you take is done after the brain is meticulous and quickly considered.

  Your cerebral cortical nerve is in the most appropriate state of excitement.

  You observe sharpness, clear memory, active thinking, and the potential to create.

  Your self-fulfilling needs are stronger, and the will to overcome difficulties and the belief to win are more determined.

  Full blood oxygen supply to the brain, memory and thinking ability is greatly enhanced.

  4. The world of skiing is developing towards equal and free freedom that we aspire to.

Anyone can challenge Bill or Charles, and the challenge begins with a long-lasting sport-skiing that the nobles love.

  The close cooperation of the eyes, hands, legs and feet during the gliding can maximize the speed of our reaction.

In particular, alpine skiing creates a strong sense of success and enhances self-confidence in meeting various challenges.

  Added value, soft, and at the same time get exercise.

  5. Cycling and carefully recalling, is the memory of bicycles very beautiful and pleasant?

  Studies have shown that this beautiful mood really happened at the time, because proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes us happy and happy – riding a bicycle can produce this hormone.

  Cycling can compress blood vessels, use blood circulation to accelerate, and the brain corrects more oxygen, so you will feel clear and clear thinking after cycling.  It is very likely that the BMW will be taken out for sale. Cycling is likely to be the CEO!

This is the new weather on Wall Street!

  6, table tennis, your boss playing table tennis?

If he plays table tennis, you have to practice hard, otherwise your brain may not be able to keep up with his thinking!

  Scientific research has shown that it promotes the blood circulation of the brain, supplies sufficient energy to the brain, and has a good brain function.

  Added value: “Optimum anti-myopia exercise” When playing table tennis, the eyes aim at table tennis, keep going far and near, up and down, left and right adjustment and movement, constantly making the ciliary muscle and the extraocular muscles alternately contract and relax, promotingThe blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue can effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.

  7, yoga “She seems to be getting more and more brains.

“We often find that some women around us have changed after practicing yoga.

This is not an illusion, or even a fact – the American researchers confirmed.

This is related to the ability of yoga to bring people to relax and improve their body control.

  The researchers found out by comparing all the postures of yoga.

  8. Orienteering orienteering means that the participants cross the topographic map and the north arrow and independently search for several ground checkpoints plotted on the map in the prescribed order, and complete the whole schedule movement in the shortest time.

  Orienteering requires participants to have good judgment and learning ability.

It can be said that after going out of the school, the mathematics, astronomy, geography, biology, physics and other knowledge are re-learned and practiced.

  The more healthy the body, the more flexible the brain is!