[Is your sexual fantasy excessive?

[Is your sexual fantasy excessive?

Whether it is a man or a woman, with or without a partner, sexual fantasies are produced, but the degree of sexual fantasies is different.

Imagine yourself and having sex with your favorite heterosexuals to get the pleasure of sex life. Although this situation is normal sexual physiology, it will hurt you if you are over-exposed.

What is sexual fantasy? Generally, the content of sexual fantasy is mainly for the pursuit of joyful sexual activities, but there are also a few people who fantasize about being raped or sexually abused.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, there are two interpretations: the subconscious instinct combines attack instinct with sexual fantasy, if it points to sexual objects, it constitutes the fantasy of abusive objects; if it points to itself, it constitutes the fantasy of sexual abuse.

Under the influence of traditional sexual depression, women often experience shame or guilt in their sexual behaviors.


[What is hair]_hair_type_type

[What is hair]_hair_type_type

Chinese medicine believes that “fat” is something that can cause the yin-yang balance of the human body to induce and aggravate certain diseases.

This substance is extremely harmful to the human body, such as hormone induction, sensitization, and stimulation.

First, what is called “fat” in hair medicine, which refers to the product that moves the wind to produce sputum, sends poison to help fire and help evil, and easily causes old diseases.

Plus re-illness.

In the medicine of the motherland, “fat” is considered to be something that can cause the yin-yang balance of the human body to induce and aggravate certain diseases.

Those with the same food and disease are hair products, that is, cold food induces and aggravates cold syndromes, and hot food can induce and aggravate fever syndromes, so they can all be regarded as hair products.

Second, the hazards of hair products There are many types of hair products with a wide range, but from the perspective of the pathogenesis, they can be divided into the following pathogenic hazards.

1. Hormone-induced, such as pork head, rooster, mutton, old goose, etc. are rich in animal hormones, even after cooking, the basic substances of its synthetic hormones still exist. After eating, the endocrine of the human body, or blood vessels, nervous systemExciting or exciting.

Some diseases related to these systems are easily induced.

2. Sensitization causes many protein foods, such as livestock and poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, milk and certain vegetables, and fruits all contain a large amount of bioactive substances, which enter the human body and are often used as allergens.

These foods are actually hair products that cause allergic diseases.

3. Stimulate and stimulate some spicy foods, such as chili, shallot, ginger, leek, garlic, pepper, etc., with spicy taste, irritating to the stomach and the body, heat fever, hemorrhagic disease, various diseases such as sores, carbuncle, Alas, the lump has aggravated the condition and promoted the effect of fever.

Some drinks such as strong tea, coffee, alcohol.

It can excite nerves and often induces diseases of the nervous system.

[Can pregnant women eat Dendrobium stew soup]_Pregnancy_Influence

[Can pregnant women eat Dendrobium stew soup]_Pregnancy_Influence

The health status of pregnant women is very important, especially the diet structure of pregnant women, which needs healthy nutrition.

However, many families will add a lot of nutrients to pregnant women for the sake of pregnant women and food.

Among them, Dendrobium is a substance with complex ingredients, but the nutrition is indeed rich, so it can be eaten by pregnant women.

There are many ways to make Dendrobium. You can stew soup. It should be good for pregnant women, but pregnant women are special people. You need to pay attention to how to eat it. Can pregnant women eat Dendrobium soup?

Pregnant women can eat Dendrobium.

However, it is not recommended to eat in the first trimester or if the spleen and stomach are cold.

Eat a balanced diet during pregnancy. Don’t be partial to eclipses, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Want to drink soup, add mushrooms, kelp, etc. in the soup.

It is best not to eat Dendrobium at the beginning of pregnancy, and to eat it after the middle period. Pregnant women are advised to drink light soups, such as chicken soup, or fresh corn and radish rib soup. Be careful not to drink surface oils.

It is recommended to pay attention to diet, mix with vegetarian food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat animal faeces, animal viscera and fried foods, feed more activities, and sun exposure.

What are the benefits of Dendrobium Decoction? 1. Clearing the Deficiency of Heat, Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica, and the Compendium of Materia Medica, respectively, records “clearing the stomach and removing the deficient heat” and “deficiency of the stomach and the heat in hemorrhoids”.

In contrast to ordinary antipyretic drugs, the deficiency heat cleared by Dendrobium is completely a type of deficiency heat, characterized by yin deficiency and heat prosperity.

Pharmacological experiments show that Dendrobium can significantly reduce the high fever tip and body temperature response index of heat-producing rabbits, and extend the heat-producing time.

2, nourishing yin and jin “Chinese Pharmaceutical Dictionary” said it “specially nourish the qi and liquid of lungs and stomachs, qi and liquid flourish, kidney water spontaneous,” said he is good at nourishing yin and jin, treating yin deficiency and jin deficiency.

3. Dendrobium nourishing the spleen and stomach is a medicine for improving the stomach and invigorating the body. It is recorded in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and “Renewal of Herbal Medicine” that the people call him “gastrointestinal medicine”.

Modern experiments have confirmed that Dendrobium has a better inhibitory effect on Helicobacter pylori, a common pathogen in spleen and stomach diseases, and is helpful in the treatment of possible concomitant Helicobacter pylori such as atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis, duodenal ulcers, etc.At the same time, oral Dendrobium decoction can promote gastric secretion, enhance gastric emptying capacity, and help digestion.

4. Dendrobium can protect the liver and have better choleretic effects. Medical doctors of all ages believe that “the iron maple bucket” has the effect of nourishing the liver and yin. It is an essential medicine for the treatment of various liver and gallbladder. It can be used to treat hepatitis, cholecystitis, bileHepatobiliary diseases such as stones.

For pregnant women, the food at the entrance should be cautious, but for Chinese medicinal materials such as Dendrobium, you can consult a doctor.

However, I still feel that there are some things and food that you can’t eat without eating. After all, it is the poison of the medicine. The child in the stomach is the most important.

The elderly should stay away from the three whites

The elderly should stay away from the “three whites”

Salt, sugar, lard should be appropriate, mushrooms, fungus, black rice intake.
  For the elderly, it is best to do “three whites” and “three blacks” in the diet.
  “Three whites” refers to salt, sugar, and lard.
Eat less.
“Three blacks” refers to mushrooms, fungus, black rice, and you should always eat these foods.
  For salt, sugar, lard, don’t refuse it alone, or eat it properly.
Moreover, the human body needs to properly ingest these three whites.
Salt generally does not exceed 5 grams per day. It helps to raise the taste in each meal. Sugar is the essential substance for the human body, but it cannot be taken too much.
If the meat is cooked reasonably (slow fire for 1 hour), it can reduce the saturated fatty acids that are not good for the human body.
  Mushrooms, mushrooms, black fungus and other fungi are all healthy foods.
They also belong to “black food” and the like.
Some people also include black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, black dates, and kelp, seaweed, silky chicken and other foods into the scope of “black food.”
  Black fungus is a good thing.
It has the effect of preventing thrombosis.
  If you eat a little black fungus every day, it can fight the vascular clogging effect and become a natural anticoagulant.
Black fungus has blood and blood circulation effects, can resist platelet aggregation, prevent blood coagulation and form thrombus, and can prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.
  The skin of the mushroom is black, which has a solubilizing effect on cholesterol, which can lower blood fat and serum cholesterol.
Because it contains a large amount of vitamin D, eating more can prevent osteoporosis.
In addition, regular consumption of mushrooms, as well as the role of preventing cancer and preventing colds.
  Kelp and seaweed are algae foods, rich in alginate, iodine, calcium, mannitol, crude fiber, vitamin B and other ingredients, which help to lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and thyroid disease.

a big secret lurking in the early morning habit

a big secret lurking in the early morning habit

What is the first thing you are used to doing after waking up every morning?

Don’t underestimate these little habits of life, they can hint at your inner world.

  Small habit 1: Press the alarm clock to continue to stay in bed. Most of the families nowadays are family “masters” who wake up to “housewives” after breakfast.

Originally, it has alleviated your housework, but you have to stay in the bed and still can’t afford it in bed. It has been twice and three times. Finally, he couldn’t bear to roar: “It won’t be late to go to work.”

“You are still begging for him:” In 5 minutes, let me sleep for another 5 minutes.”

  In fact, not only you, 35% of women have bad habits of going to bed in the morning.

  The hint of small habits: It is difficult for you to openly reject others, and doing anything will be delayed. It is a typical little girl dragging character.

In life, you are also a casual woman, and often show a childish side in front of you.

You don’t like to have too much pressure to live and work, to prove that friendship is more than love.

  He needs to: sometimes be your “master”, sometimes be your “dad”, and sometimes even need you to be your nanny, in short, all the roles that can take care of you are worth trying, because you are against him.Love is built on the basis of your good for her.

  Small habit 2: Occupy bathroom shampoo bath lazy word is never suitable to describe you!

32% of women have this good habit. They need to take two baths every day. The main purpose of bathing in the morning is to thoroughly cleanse the hair and let the woman scent.

  The hint of small habits: bathing in the morning not only reflects her love for cleanness, but also shows that you are positively optimistic about things.

Are you a little bit competitive?

I want to be the NO of the two of you.


A bit strong, a little narcissistic, a bit clean, treat the feelings can afford to put it down, it is easy to be emotional and easy to get bored.

You like mavericks, men with their own opinions and ways of thinking, hate entanglement and return love.

  He needs: Everything is based on your feelings, people give you face, and then let your birds follow people, giving you space and freedom.

To get more love from you, usually be an independent and confident man first.

  Little habit 3: Take him to do “morning exercises” every morning. When he is still awake, he will be entangled like an octopus, and then do “early morning exercises” with you during half-dream and half-awake.

Congratulations to him!

With the moisture of morning love, there must be a good mood.

  The hint of small habits: a woman who likes to have sex in the early morning is super confident, especially for her body and sexual ability.

Open your eyes and “sit and move” to prove that you are full and cheerful, because you are always in a state of “sex”.

A woman who is obsessed with morning love does not mean to be addicted to sex. Compared with passionate sex, you are more fond of the warmth of the skin and the lingering warmth.

You may think that he has some “water-based poplar flowers”. In fact, this is how you know how to enjoy life and business life.

With this woman, his life will always be in a “fresh” state.

  He needs to: give you a hug, encourage and pamper, and try to pay the same feelings as you.

Don’t let you develop the habit of relying too much on him, and you can’t be a man in bed, because it will dilute your love for him.

At the same time, his ideas and concepts must keep pace with the times, keep consistent with you and even advance, don’t fall behind, and be beaten when you fall behind.

  Small habit 4: Applying facial mask to the mask at night, but there are too many women to finish it in the morning. This “personality” action proves your special needs.

  Applying a mask is as simple as a woman’s beauty. 25 minutes is enough for a woman to think about a lot of things. I plan a day’s work schedule, sum up the things I just finished, and occasionally think about what they eat for dinner.

  The hint of a small habit: He in the temperament can protest that you are going to bed late at night to apply a mask, but don’t object to your facial mask after getting up in the morning, this is a sign of refreshing your mind, let him get up in the morning.Smoking is the same.

This means that you are a thoughtful woman, you will not say all the ideas, but the internal heart is self-disciplined, you attach great importance to the details, and are good at starting from the details.

This is what we often call the “woman strongman”.

  He needs to: Give you the time and space of moderation and freedom, and don’t show your world to you completely. A little mystery and surprise are very important to her!

  Small habit 5: 20% of women who do brushing their teeth together will do this.If you don’t wear clothes, you won’t be afraid to prevent them from going around with your toothbrush. It’s your own home, not afraid to go out.

This is the last thing you have to do before going to bed at night, and the first thing you have to do after getting up in the morning.

  The hint of a small habit: This kind of woman is not only practical, but also full of action. It is a reliable object to do things neatly and neatly.

However, this does not mean that you are a “prostitute” or even a shrew, and you have a lot of exquisite pursuits in terms of feelings.

You have principles in your work, teaching plans, no matter how much you love him, you don’t want him to break your habits.

  You don’t like what he has to do with you. You will also know the working hours and the time given to him.

  He needs to: always pay attention to the things you care about, at least the recent hot Korean drama, star concerts, etc. He can not be interested, but can’t help but understand whether it is important for you to have a common topic between you.

Don’t let the indoor potted plants ruin the health in the fall.

Don’t let the indoor potted plants ruin the health in the fall.

Some potted plants should be moved indoors during the autumn and winter seasons.

The interior is dark and dry, and pests and bacteria will enter this ideal “home” at this time.

To make plants better contribute to our health, rather than affecting our health, the Chicago Tribune publishes the following recommendations: Checking Pests: Checking for harmful insects and eggs under the stems and leaves of plants.

These primary plants should be kept separate from other potted plants for 1 month to prevent possible cross-infection.

Once pests are found, they should be treated immediately with pesticides.

  Take a shower on the plant: “Bathing” the plants (ie washing the plants with a hose or shower head) can remove a lot of pests.

Bathing the plants in the late autumn can also remove dust from the leaves.

Note that the washing process should not be too strong to avoid damage to the foliage.

At the same time, care should be taken not to allow plants to be scratched during the rinsing process.

  It is only necessary to change the basin when changing the basin: unless the potted plant roots are full of pots without ground cracks, there is no need to change the basin.

It is best to change the basin to choose the spring season.

At the same time, please pay attention to the situation before pouring the basin, first watering, and then change the basin when the soil is dry and wet.

  Maintaining humidity: Excessive, dry air is detrimental to potted plants and tends to make spider parasites more active.

To maintain the humidity of the potted plants, you may wish to take these measures: (1) use a moisturizer; (2) place the plants in the same place; (3) place the plants on a tray of water and pebbles (water should not flood the pebbles).

  Finishing Plants and Pruning: Implanting potted plants under the eyes is not conducive to their dormancy.

Dead leaves can be removed, but it is best not to pruning before the winter season.

The fitness of the elderly is suitable for several fitness exercises for the elderly.

The fitness of the elderly is suitable for several fitness exercises for the elderly.

As we grow older, many older people want to have a healthy body, so they choose to exercise.

However, the five major taboos of the elderly sports can not be ignored, otherwise it will have serious consequences.

  The basic characteristics of the fitness method should be: correcting the easy learning, the amount of exercise should not be too large, but not every second, but not bent down and have a health effect.

It is harmless to the elderly.

  Several fitness exercises for the elderly to walk and climb the stairs: There is a saying in China that people are old and weak.

The legs are an important pillar of the whole body.

When people start to age, osteoporosis sneaks quietly, bones become fragile, and older people, not only the cardiopulmonary function is weakened, but also the body muscles are gradually decreasing, the elasticity and contraction force are reduced, so a lot of long-term walking is slowIt is difficult to walk, showing a unique old-age gait, so whether the flexibility of the legs and feet becomes one of the important indications of whether a person is aging.

In order to delay aging, the elderly should walk as much as possible to exercise the leg and back muscles, improve the blood circulation of muscles and bones, eliminate the occurrence of osteoporosis; at the same time, exercise can also exercise breathing, circulatory system function.

Older people with better physical condition can exercise on stairs, but pay attention to: (l) work and rest.

After each l-2 layer, take a rest on the stairway, wait for the heartbeat, and continue to climb after breathing smoothly; (2) When you are going to the building, you should do your best, avoid too fast or overwork; (3) Pay attention to safety.

Feet to the eye, down to earth, can not be distracted, so as to avoid accidents.

  Tai Chi Chuan: Tai Chi is a sport that is very popular among the elderly.

It moves smoothly and is easy to master.

There is silence in the movement, there is movement in the static, soft and soft, and the combination of reality and reality.

Chang Taiquan can often strengthen the bones, benefit the joints, benefit Qi, nourish the gods, pass the meridians, and qi and blood, and have the auxiliary treatment effect on many chronic diseases of the system.

Regular practice can be ill and strengthen.

  Play fitness ball: Fitness ball has pecan, ivory, jade or stainless steel.

When the elderly walk on the streets, or when they are chatting in the cold, they can practice the fitness ball with one hand or even both hands, and they can be comfortable and comfortable.

  Here are some precautions for the elderly: physical examination before exercise. Physiologists’ autopsy of people who are dying in sports shows that they mostly have underlying diseases.

Therefore, the elderly should obtain the doctor’s consent before exercise and take the necessary physical examination to prevent accidents.

  Speed should not be too fast to run at 120 per minute?
At a speed of 130 meters, you can talk to your companions while you are not breathing, and you will not be red-faced.

It is advisable to have an immediate heart rate at the end of the “170s age”.

  The distance must be appropriate.

It is necessary to proceed step by step, and to do what you can, starting from tens of meters and dozens of meters, and adapting to the rear view, each body mass can be slowly increased to jogging one or two.

  Pay attention to emotions, sleep and appetite. These are safety valves that control the appropriate amount of exercise, such as proper load, good spirits during exercise, good mood, good appetite after exercise, normal sleep; and if you feel uncomfortable during exercise, loss of appetite after exercise, sleep is notGood, it may be that the amount of activity is too large, and the number of activities and the amount of activity should be reduced immediately.

  Preventing joint pain and excessive activity and incorrect activity can lead to joint damage.

The prevention method is to prevent the amount of activity from being too large, to merge and master the correct posture, the various movements are slow and follow the essentials, and the knee joints are kept warm in autumn and winter.

  Breathing should be smooth and natural breathing and movement combined, rhythm and natural, find breathing difficulties, stop activities for inspection.

  Always pay attention to danger signals such as feeling unwell, pain and breathlessness, dizziness, heart rate is too fast, should stop activities, please check the doctor, do not force the activity to prevent accidents.

  Note that the selection of the event venue is best done in the inserted grass, guide or park greening area, or in the venues where the vehicles and pedestrians are replaced.

When moving closer to the road, the mind must be highly concentrated and pay attention to safety.

Ren: The hero of the female stationed in Yan

Ren: The hero of the female stationed in Yan

Glutinous rice is a grass plant, also known as coix seed, six grains and so on.

Glutinous rice is one of the chronic and ancient foods.

The folks have long known about glutinous rice, making meals as a good meal, and regard it as a valuable Chinese medicine. It is widely used in medicated diets and is listed as one of the court substitutes.

  Glutinous rice has a high nutritional value and contains protein 13.

7%, 姨 5.

4%, cobalt 64.


The protein contained is much higher than rice and has a high surface.

The eight essential amino acids necessary for the human body are complete and the ratio is close to the needs of the human body.

Adults are rich in linoleic acid; the B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other inorganic salts are also very impressive.

Moreover, it has the characteristics of being easily digested and absorbed, which is beneficial to reducing the burden of obesity and enhancing physical fitness.

In addition, glutinous rice also contains high-value sterols, β-γ two sitosterols, these special ingredients, that is, the mystery of glutinous rice has anti-cancer effect.

  25-50 grams of glutinous rice kernels, 150-200 grams of wild water chestnuts (with shell cut), a total of boiled juice, 2 times a day, even for 1 month for a course of treatment, for gastric cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancerThe development of soybeans has an inhibitory effect.

  Glutinous rice is also a kind of beauty food. It can keep the human skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots, and has good curative effect on desquamation, hemorrhoids, cleft palate and rough skin.

Regular consumption of glutinous rice food is also effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.

Normal healthy people often eat glutinous rice food, which can not only dilute the diuretic, but also make the body lighter and reduce the chance of cancer.

  Here are a few beauty recipes based on glutinous rice: First, the beauty of the barley soup material: barley powder, fresh milk practice: add fresh milk to the coix seed powder about 5-10 grams, stir it.

  Second, whitening barley sesame soup material: two spoons of barley powder, a spoonful of sesame, a little milk: mix all the materials, add 200c.


Hot milk can be.

  Third, Huanren to acne material: 1.

Coix seed 30 grams 2.

Purple backed sunflower grass, Houttuynia cordata, dandelion (one of the above three) fresh 30 grams (or 15 grams of dry goods) 3 .

Water 800cc practice: 1.

Wash the two materials clean.


Put them in the pot together, add water to boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.


Filter out the soup, about 500cc.

  Announcement law: 1.

This 500 cc soup can be divided into three times three times between meals during the day.


It can also be diluted with water and treated as ordinary tea at any time.


If you cook the dissolved soup once, you can store it in the refrigerator, add it with warm water and then put it in.

  Description: This formula can clear away heat and detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It can be used to make acne pustules dissipate for about 3 months. At the same time, coix seed has the effect of removing blood and removing blood from the blood. It can remove pigment and stain after long-term use.