[What harm will eat pickles]_affect_bad

[What harm will eat pickles]_affect_bad

Pickled vegetables are a favorite food of the Chinese.

Of course, although pickled vegetables are sour, they are marinated with salt. If they are salted for a long time, they will be converted into nitrite. This substance is harmful to the human body. Therefore, eating pickled vegetables is also very healthy for human health.Adverse.

So, what are the specific harms of pickled vegetables to the human body?

The following will introduce you in detail.

1. The carcinogenic pickled vegetables contain many carcinogens “amine nitrite”. Pickled foods will add a lot of salt during processing, and the salt is rich in impurities such as nitrite and nitrate.

In fact, eating salted foods is not good for the body and can induce cancer.

2. In the process of marinating hypoxia-poisoned vegetables in the human body, the marinated food is often contaminated by microorganisms, thereby reducing it to nitrite.

Consumption of sauerkraut with too much nitrite will cause hemoglobin in the blood to become methemoglobin that loses oxygen function, causing hypoxia and poisoning in the human body.

3. Excessive salt content affects the mucosal system. Because foods need to be put in a large amount of salt during the pickling process, this will cause the sodium content of the food to exceed the standard, which will increase the burden on the kidneys of those who eat salted foods frequently and the risk of hypertension.Increase.

High concentrations of salt will severely damage the destructive gastrointestinal mucosa. Therefore, those who eat salted foods often have higher incidence of insulin metabolism and ulcers.

4, accelerate skin aging, because sodium ions and chloride ions in the salt will cause facial cells to lose water, so it will reduce skin quality.

5, causing vitamin C deficiency in the human body During the pickling process, vitamin C is largely destroyed.

After marinating, vitamin C ‘was almost “annihilated.”

Eat plenty of pickles, the body’s vitamin C deficiency.

Therefore, properly eating pickles can regulate appetite and increase appetite, but if you are addicted to pickles, it is not desirable.

If eaten for a long time, it can easily cause various diseases.

6. Pickled vegetables that cause calculus contain a large amount of oxalic acid and calcium. Due to its high acidity, it is not easy to form calcium oxalate inside after being replaced by the body, but it will be absorbed by a large amount, and calcium oxalate will precipitate and deposit in the urine and urine system.Formation of stones.

[Can Squats Improve Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Exercise_Methods_Cautions

[Can Squats Improve Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Exercise_Methods_Cautions

Married men want their sexual function to be strong, but more people have decreased their sexual function year by year due to physical and other reasons. A happy and harmonious sex life is very important for the health and longevity of couples, but not everyone in real lifeMen have strong sexual abilities, which are related to sexual health care and the use of various sexual skills.

Here, I will introduce some techniques to improve sexual performance.

Whether male sexual function is powerful or not is not only related to the harmonious sex life, but also to the face of men. Therefore, many men will always try their best to improve their sexual function in life. The following introduces the sports that improve sexual functionRecommended for everyone to understand.

During push-ups, men’s waist, back, hands, and arms play a very important role in sexual behavior, because these parts of the body are the main points of force in the sexual life of men and women.

Long-term movements in the above areas are conducive to enhancing the support of the arms and lower back, thereby achieving the purpose of improving and enhancing sexual function.

Exercise increases the muscle tension and contractile function of men’s lower body, and enhances local blood circulation, expansion, and congestion, thereby promoting the blood filling of the pelvic cavity and genitals and enhancing sexual function.

Feet, especially friends who are going to work on the bus, give the seat to the elderly if you have a seat, pull the ring by yourself, lift your two toes together, and if you are tired, put it down for a while without hurting.

After a while you can slap on one foot.

The rings can keep balance, and you can control the weight of your toes. When your feet are tired, you can work harder on your hands and put some hands when your feet are resting.

The main point is to straighten your body all the way.

Numerous experts or fitness instructors mentioned squats or squats. This exercise can improve sexual performance, causing the thighs to wrap around the arteries, which leads to pumping blood to the penis. In fact, the PC muscle can be pulled when squatting.

If you don’t want to increase the muscle circumference, you can exercise by hand, there is no requirement on the venue, you can practice at home at any time, and exercise your cardiopulmonary function. Friends who are doing it for the first time may feel dizzy and have a faster heartbeat. That is the cardiopulmonary function.Oh strengthen.

The cat pose changes as the name suggests, this set of action looks like a cat is broken.

First, lean forward slightly, lean down with your palms touching the ground, then sit the above part of your body backwards until your hips touch the heels, kneeling on your knees, step on your feet against your heels, and try to stretch your arms, head, and hips. Stretching movements remain 10?
15 seconds, then slowly relax and repeat the whole movement.

Put the palms of both hands on the same side of the waist, rubbing back and forth from the top to the bottom, rubbing back and forth for about 2 minutes, using deep heat as the degree, or fisting with both hands, hit the waist alternately with the back surface of both hands, with moderate intensity.Playing around 100 times is best.

The kidney is the waist of the kidney, and it is also called “the rubbing door”.

It has the functions of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist and refining, and dredging meridians.

Climbing the feet and fixing the kidneys to take the supine position.

With both hands, pull the pointer up to the tapered joint, and run to the head through the front rubber socket line. The two hands are crossed, the palms are up, the two pedals are straight, the two hands are inclined straight from the top, the hands are extended forward, the upper body is bent forward, and both hands are moved.Xinyongquan points are next to each other. The feet are forced straight, and the hands and feet are opposite. Release your hands to restore the body to a supine shape.

Repeat this 10 times or decide the number based on your ability.

This method has the effect of strengthening the waist and knees and nourishing kidney and solidifying essence.

Shoulder exercise weightlifting and pull-ups increase flexibility.

Rotating and rolling on the bed requires gentleness of the shoulders, up, down, left and right.

For best results, straighten forward and forward, grab your left wrist with your right hand, and then pull it straight up above your head, and apply a little backward force until you feel a slight tension at the sleeve.

Keep this posture for 5 times, then relax and relax, then repeat this action one or two times to lie horizontally and raise your legs. Pay attention to lifting your legs instead of lifting your legs. This is an exercise for abdominal muscles, which mainly acts on the lower abdominal muscles.The muscles of the groin and the thighs are only a cushion or lying on the bed. The following picture is found online. I recommend everyone to follow what I said. Put your hands under the buttocks to raise your legs.Keep the height of 30 cm, or you can lift up with your legs suspended.

Running is actually the king of sports. Considering the time of the venue, we put it to the end. It is recommended that you try to run freely. It can be good to run twice a week.

It’s best for the working class to go jogging one hour after dinner and come back to wash and sleep well. It doesn’t take long to run, within 20 minutes to 50 minutes, except for sports enthusiasts.

What do you think about during your spare time or leisure time with your eyes closed?

Imagine having sex with a beauty or a woman you miss, you can even imagine specific details. Although this daydream is fictional, it can indeed strengthen the secretion of androgens in your body and make youThe body’s sex-related organs are all given small exercises, which greatly improves their sensitivity to sex.

[The practice of grilled shrimp on skewers]_The common practice of grilled shrimp on skewers _The practice of grilled shrimp on skewers _How to make grilled shrimp on skewers

[The practice of grilled shrimp on skewers]_The common practice of grilled shrimp on skewers _The practice of grilled shrimp on skewers _How to make grilled shrimp on skewers

People take food as a matter of course, so a healthy body cannot be separated from delicious and delicious food. Chinese food is full of color and aroma. Of course, to eat delicious food, good cooking techniques are also indispensable.

Today, I will introduce the method of grilled shrimp for friends who like to cook!


After the shrimp is rinsed, cut the shrimp gun and shrimp whisker.


Use a toothpick to pick out the black mud sausage at the second section of the shrimp tail.


Finely chopped shallots, shred ginger and set aside.


Add shrimp to the dish and add onion ginger garlic.


Add salt and marinate the cooking wine for an hour.


Skewer the shrimp with a bamboo stick.


Heat the electric baking pan and add the shrimp to the grill.


Roast on one side and turn it over and fry, fry for 5-8 minutes, bake until both sides are red, crispy.

There are many people in the world who like to eat grilled shrimp on skewers, but very few will do it.

So, do you know how to do things, will you stand still?

Know that being able to cook this dish alone is also a highlight of your life.

[How to eat tomato long beans]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat tomato long beans]_ production method _ practice Daquan

The two ingredients of tomato long bean are rarely eaten together, and they are not used together to make ingredients. We better make them separately. For example, tomatoes can be made into tomato scrambled eggs, and long beans are used for fried meatWait.

If you want to make tomato and long bean together, you can learn how to make it. As for whether the taste meets everyone’s taste, you need to try it.

The method of tomato beans: 50g tomatoes, 30g peppers, 200g beans, oil, salt, garlic, green onion, sugar, chicken, and soy sauce. Step 1. Cut the beans into small pieces.Rinse well with water.

2, cut the pepper into small pieces, garlic and green onion amount.

3. Wash the tomatoes with water.

4. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes.

5. Preheat the oil pan, pour tomatoes, green onions, garlic into the pan, and burst the tomato juice.

6, pour beans into the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, soy sauce, sugar, and then pour the pepper into the pot.

7, add an appropriate amount of water, until the soup in the pot is thick and thick, you can come out of the pot.

Tip 1, don’t put too many tomatoes, otherwise it will be sour.

2. The beans must be simmered thoroughly to prevent poisoning.

3, the bean curd simmered in water can make the taste more crispy.

4. Add a small amount of salt and salad oil to the bean curd water to make the bean color greener and more tender.

The second method of tomato beans: the right amount of the main beans, tomatoes in two steps 1, wash the beans and cut them into sections, about 4 cm.

2. Wash and cut the tomatoes into pieces, and cut the green onions into green onions.

3. Wash the wok and open the low heat, steam the water in the pot first, then pour in an appropriate amount of cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot, add 2-3 dry peppers, add a small amount of salt, and add the green onion to fry several times.

4. Pour the beans into the pan and stir fry. Add seasoning salt, chicken essence, and thirteen incense.

5. Pour the tomatoes into the pot when the beans are about to ripen.

Add a small amount of soy sauce.

Stir fry a few times to get out of the pan.

Get the secret of happiness

Get the secret of happiness

Most people are eager to get happiness, but there are very few people who can really get happiness.

Most people are eager to get wealth, they believe that material wealth can bring them eternal happiness.

  Most wealthy people, although they can satisfy their material desires and moments of interest, are emptiness and boring. Their happiness is not as good as the happiness of the poor.

  If we consider the nature of things, it is easy to understand an important truth: happiness does not only come from external material possession, but also because of wealth.

If we are wealthy and wealthy, then the poor will only suffer tragic pain, and the rich will only be happy and happy, but it is not.

  I know a lot of rich, extravagant and wasteful people, but they are the poorest people; and I have seen many happy and happy people, their money can only meet the basic needs of life.

  Many wealthy people have told me sincerely that the selfishness formed in the process of obtaining wealth has taken away their original sweet life, and perhaps they can no longer be as happy and happy as they were when they were poor.

  So, what is happiness?

How can we grasp happiness?

Happiness is the subjective creation of people, is it an illusion, or is it a unique and eternal feeling?

After careful observation and contemplation, we found that except for those who are truly wise, the rest believe that happiness can be obtained by satisfying desires.

  This belief is deeply rooted in the soil of ignorance, and through the constant watering of the water of selfish desire, it has become the root of all the misfortunes in the world.

  Of course, the so-called desire here is not just a vulgar animal desire to stay at the animal level, but also a higher level spiritual field, where there are stronger, more subtle, more subtle desires that severely bind people’s wisdom.It deprives people of the beauty, harmony and purity of the spiritual world, and these are the external manifestations of happiness.

  Most people admit that selfishness is the unfortunate source of all the world, but on the contrary, the selfishness of all people destroys their own illusions, and they do not realize that their selfishness has caused such harm to the souls of others.

  When you are willing to admit that all your misfortunes are the result of selfishness, you are not far from heavenly life.

But if you think that someone else’s selfishness deprives you of your happiness, then you will always stay in your own prison to endure the pain of purgatory.

  Happiness is the inner state of satisfaction. It is happy and calm. In this state, your mind has no distracting desires.

It is only short-lived and illusory because it satisfies one’s own desires. Therefore, it always produces selfish desires after the desires are satisfied.

  Desire is like the sea, and you can never be satisfied. The more you get, the more your desires are.

  Desire always demands more and more people who are confused by them, until finally they are exhausted and surrounded by the purgatory of suffering.

Desire is the primary hell, where people will suffer all kinds of torture and suffering.

  Only by giving up the desire can you enter heaven, where happiness awaits all pilgrims.

  I handed my spirit to the invisible world and spelled out the characters of life. Sooner or later, my spirit will return to myself, in my ear, telling me whether I am in heaven or in hell.

  In heaven or in hell, it all depends on your mentality.

If you are addicted to yourself and look forward to the satisfaction of your own desires, then you will fall into hell; if you constantly restrain yourself, forget yourself, and improve your mind, then you have actually stepped into heaven.

  Self is blind, there is no real knowledge, lack of judgment, and it always leads to disaster.

Only in a paradise-like state of mind can you gain correct cognition, fair judgment, and true knowledge.

Only when you overcome self-satisfaction can you understand what true happiness is.

  If you are selfish, just over-pursuing personal interests, you can’t get happiness, you can only spread the seeds of misfortune for yourself.

  Only by being able to contribute to others with great dedication, happiness will come to you, and you will reap the fruits of happiness.

  It is love, not love, which makes you happy; it is giving, not asking, let us seek the true meaning of happiness.

  No matter what you desire or what you need, you have to pay for it; then you will feel ample inner life, this is your real life.

  If you pay too much attention to yourself, sorrow will entangle you; and if you give up yourself, you will enter a state of calm and tranquility.

Blindly pursuing a private self will not only lose happiness, but will even lose the source of our happiness.

  The gluttons are constantly seeking rich and delicious foods to satisfy their unsatisfied appetite. In the end, their bodies are so obese that they are plagued by diseases, and eventually they are not interested in any food.

  On the contrary, those who are good at controlling their appetites are never gluttonous, they will not indulge in the enjoyment of taste, and even the rough tea will be enjoyed.

In the eyes of selfish people, the happiest thing is to satisfy individual desires. When they try to satisfy their boundless desires, they are always lost and sad.

Indeed, “for those who are happy for themselves, happiness is far away from him; for those who are happy for others, happiness is by his side.  If you are willing to let go and be willing to pay, happiness will come to you.

As long as you are willing to dedicate yourself without reservation, give up the fleeting happiness, one day you will find that those losses that seem to make you suffer are your greatest gain.

  In order to gain, you must know how to give up. As long as you are willing to give up and are willing to pay for the loss of others, you will get your true happiness.

This is the way of life.

  If we only know about those things that are ephemeral, how can we get real happiness?

Only by paying attention to those things that are immortal, can we find truly immortal happiness.

  Therefore, only by reducing dependence and desire for short-lived things can you enter the eternal realm; only by surpassing yourself and cultivating more noble, pure, self-sacrificing and benevolent spirits, you can pursue eternal consciousness, and happiness will be with you forever.With you, I will never give up on you.

  A soul that has no selfish desires can not only make others happy, but also bring themselves to an immortal realm and understand the true meaning of life.

  Looking back on the past, you will find that the happiest moment is the moment when you quietly serve others with sympathy and love.

From a spiritual perspective, happiness and harmony are synonymous.

Harmony is a stage in the great law, and the expression in the spiritual realm is love.

All selfishness is discordant and contrary to the sacred rank.

  If the love of some of our things is a negation of ourselves, then we can sing the sacred voice, blend into the song of the universe, and enjoy the unspeakable sweet music. At that time, we can get true happiness.

  There are many people in the world who are blindly seeking happiness, but they can never find happiness.

Happiness has always been with them in the heart, around them, drifting around the universe, precisely because their starting point is selfish, so they have been kept out of happiness.

  Give up personal, short-term happiness to seek happiness for others, you can immediately get the public’s love for you, and permanent happiness.

  If you can free yourself from the narrow selfishness of seeking personal interests, you will enter a paradise-like situation and understand the true soul and the essence of fraternity.

  If you can completely forget yourself when others are sad, and help them, then you will be freed from sorrow and suffering and gain divine happiness.

  ”The first thing is to have good thoughts, the second is to have good words, and the third is to have good behaviors. By doing these three things, I can enter a happy paradise.

“If you can do these three things, then you can also enter a happy paradise.

It is not far away, just beside you, as long as you can be sincere and selfless, the ideal will become a reality.

  If you don’t have some kind of happiness that can be achieved, but as long as you have the lofty ideal of selfless love and strive to fight for it, you can fully experience this noble mind in practice.

  Eagement or prayer is the driving force for progress. It is a spiritual turning point to the divine source. Only here can you find permanent satisfaction.

Through eagerness, the destructive power of desire can be transformed into sacred, eternal energy.

Enthusiasm can achieve the bondage of desire through unremitting efforts; it is like a prodigal son who has experienced loneliness and suffering, and returns to the arms of his father.

Only a small number of narrow self, breaking one and another chain that binds you, will you realize the joy of dedication, the realization of the distress and the happiness of the difference.

Only by paying your belongings, love and wisdom can you realize the true meaning of “dedication is more happier than asking”.

  Of course, this kind of dedication must be sincere and true, and it does not replace any selfishness and does not attempt any return.

Pure and noble love is always accompanied by happiness.

If your giving is not thankful or complimented, it does not make you famous, you are sad because of this; or your giving is out of vanity rather than love, your contribution is only to get a return, then your contribution is not trueThe pay is just another way to ask for it.

  For the happiness of others, letting them ignore themselves and working for others to forget themselves, this is the secret to getting happiness.

  Always be wary of not becoming a selfish person, and truly learn the sacred course of self-sacrifice, you will be able to climb the peak of happiness, put on the eternal gorgeous coat, and be happy to bathe in the sun forever.

Healthy eating and matching skills for the elderly

Healthy eating and matching skills for the elderly

How do the elderly eat nutrition?

Usually pay attention to the combination of food, not only prevent disease and health, but also pay attention to learn more about eating and matching skills.

  With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, health has become the first element of concern. Not only do young people realize their own health, but now more and more elderly people take health as one thing. Let’s look at the elderly.The perfect match for the diet.

  Q: How do the elderly eat nutrition on the diet?

  A: The elderly usually pay attention to food mix, which can achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health care.

  Intestinal cancer: cereals + vegetables + red wines like to eat all kinds of miscellaneous grains, fresh vegetables and the right amount of people to replace red wine, the incidence of intestinal cancer is significantly reduced.

Because red wine contains aspirin, it helps reduce the risk of cancer.

  Anti-cancer: Apple + tea Dutch medical researchers believe that apples, onions, and tea can reduce cardiovascular morbidity.

Because these foods contain a lot of natural chemical antioxidants like flavonoids.

Men who insist on drinking more than 4 cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 45%, and those who eat more than one apple by half.

  Anti-calcium: Tofu + fish tofu boiled fish, not only delicious, but also prevent osteoporosis, rickets such as rickets in children.

Because tofu contains a lot of calcium, if you only eat tofu, the body’s absorption rate of calcium will be very low, but with the vitamin D of the fish, you can greatly increase the absorption and utilization of calcium.

  Stroke prevention: Spinach + carrots eat a certain amount of spinach and carrots every day, which can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

This is mainly due to the beta carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A, to prevent the accumulation of high blood pressure on the blood vessel wall, to keep the blood vessels open, thus preventing stroke.

  Anti-gastric cancer: folic acid + selenium yeast folic acid and selenium yeast have anti-gastric effects.

A variety of green leafy vegetables, mushroom, animal liver and kidney, etc., are the “rich ore” of folic acid and selenium, may wish to eat more.

Correct massage acupoints Shujin Tongluo Cong Er Mingmu anti-aging

Correct massage acupoints Shujin Tongluo Cong Er Mingmu anti-aging

The term “nursing acupoints” means that this hole is very beneficial to various diseases that the elderly are very susceptible to.

The old-age points belong to the acupoints of the small intestine meridians.

Because the function of the small intestine is to absorb the essential gas of the water valley to support the whole body. At the same time, because this point can treat the visual unclear, the ear is not heard, the shoulder and arm pain, the hands and feet can not be free of geriatric diseases, is an important point for the treatment of aging diseases, soKnown as the old age.

  How can I find a pension point?

With the back of the hand facing up, the small finger side of the wrist can be observed in this state, and the protruding part of the bone can be cut by the naked eye.

Touch this part with your finger to touch the crack and the old-age point is in the crack.

There is also a method of acupoints. We put one hand palm down and lay it flat on the chest. The index finger of the other hand points on the bone above the wrist joint. Then the hand turns in and the index finger runs.Going inside a seam, this seam is the old-age point.

  Long-term massage of this point has a curative effect on various diseases such as degeneration and aging of the elderly.

Nursing points have effects on all geriatric diseases, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, senile dementia, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest and ear, deafness, memory loss, finger numbness, upper limb soreness, etc.

In the words of modern medicine, it is a good way to improve the microcirculation of the body.

Massage this hole for a long time, can relax the muscles and collaterals, and be clear and eye-catching.

It is generally more difficult for a sick elderly person to stand up and sit up. This old-age point is also useful.

Some people say that my eyes are getting more and more flowers now. When my eyes are tired, my vision is blurred, my vision is declining, and you can raise your old points every day, which is convenient and effective.

In addition, it is also very effective for diseases such as stiff neck, squatting, and hiccups.

  The specific method is as follows: press the fingertip of the index finger vertically downwards, and there is a feeling of soreness at the acupoints.
3 minutes, every morning, morning, night, press each time.

This way to eat fruit, fattening also turned yellow face!

See you have a trick?

This way to eat fruit, fattening also turned yellow face!
See you have a trick?

Some time ago, a video was madly transmitted online, and the comment area was a joy!

It is said that a grandfather in Sichuan has taken a different approach to raising pigs. He does not feed vegetables or feeds food. He specializes in fruit wholesale markets to smash fruits.

I have to feed a few hundred pounds a day. The pigs raised last year have grown to more than 900 kilograms.

The onlookers looked at them and said: “I was so scared that I quickly put down the fruit in my hand.” “How can the fruit be so small and fresh?”
This way to eat fruit, be careful and getting fatter. For many girls who want to lose weight, it is a sin to eat more than one meal, and fruit, it is no problem to eat a pound.

Because they think: the fruit does not contain cockroaches, of course, will not gain weight!

However, the fact is: although the fruit is generally low in content, the sugar content is high!

Moreover, the human body very much favors the fructose in the fruit and absorbs the lever.

Excessive fructose, if not consumed in time, will become hoarding in the body.

In addition, the fruit is rich in nutrient fiber, digestion is fast, eating fruit is often more hungry than eating the main food, unconsciously, eating a lot of fruit is not known.

So, don’t deceive yourself again?
If you eat a lot of extra fruit after eating, you don’t actively exercise, you don’t have to gain weight.

How much fruit is it suitable for every day?

The China Residents Income Guide (2016) recommends that each person eat 200 per day.
350 grams of fresh fruit is enough.

This way to eat fruit, beware of turning into a yellow face, some girls in order to lose weight, used a more extreme approach: eat fruit for three meals a day.

Is this really using life to lose weight?
Although the content of vitamin C and supplement fiber is relatively rich, the content of protein, vitamin B1, iron, zinc and other nutrients is very low. The fruit is eaten for a long time, and the nutrients absorbed are not comprehensive enough, which may cause malnutrition.

If you are malnourished, people will become thin.

However, thinness is thinner, but it may become a “yellow face”. Malnutrition may cause edema, decreased body resistance, etc. It may also cause dry and rough skin and yellow hair. so it seems neitherBeauty, but the value of the face has increased.

More importantly, malnutrition may affect menstruation in women, causing menstrual blood loss or even menopause.

It can be seen that although this fruit is good, it can’t be eaten.

How to eat fruit is healthier?

The correct posture to eat fruit does not gain weight: 1, eat some fruit before meals, it is best to eat fruit before meals, thereby reducing the intake of staple food.

If you have a meal after a meal, you will have to eat a few pounds of fruit, which is equivalent to eating two meals, not a little meat, and I am sorry for the hard work of the mouth and stomach.

If you really like to eat fruit after a meal, then remember to remind yourself to eat less when you eat, to make room for the fruit.

2, replace some of the trace high food with fruit, rich in delicious and attractive but high-spirited dessert cake, instead of starch, it is easy to make people fat, steamed bread and so on.

In fact, replacing some high-metabolized foods with fruits is not only good for weight loss, but also good for the prevention of unfortunate liver, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Because it is blended with white rice and sweet biscuits, the fruit provides more potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin and a variety of antioxidants, all of which are good for health.

Simple tips to help you say goodbye to annoying foot athletes

Simple tips to help you say goodbye to annoying “foot athletes”

How to wear sneakers can prevent the birth of athlete’s foot, the method is very simple, that is, always keep the shoes clean and dry, do the usual brushing (do not wash the rubber part with soap), take off the shoes at night, and put them in a ventilated place.
  Because sports shoes are soft and comfortable, and they are strong and durable.
But often wear, the feet are prone to “moisture.”
  ”Moisture” means “foot wet” and the doctor calls “foot gas.”
It is caused by mold that survives and reproduces by sweat secreted by the body.
People’s feet, especially the toe parts, moisture is difficult to emit, the shoes are often wet, which creates favorable conditions for the activity and reproduction of mold, so wearing sports shoes is prone to “foot”.
  So, how can you wear sneakers to prevent birth?
The method is very simple, that is, always keep the inside of the shoes clean and dry, do the usual brushing (do not wash the rubber part with soap), take off the shoes at night, and put them in a ventilated place.
It is best to buy some dehydrated sputum (ie anhydrous alum) or anhydrous calcium chloride. The quicklime can also be wrapped in gauze. In the evening, the moisture is absorbed in the shoes. The gauze is placed in a closed container the next morning.Use it again, so you can wear dry sneakers every day.
In addition, wear sneakers should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the feet, do not give the opportunity to mold, “foot athlete” can reduce or not relapse.