[Can Squats Improve Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Exercise_Methods_Cautions

[Can Squats Improve Sexual Ability]_Sexual Ability_Exercise_Methods_Cautions

Married men want their sexual function to be strong, but more people have decreased their sexual function year by year due to physical and other reasons. A happy and harmonious sex life is very important for the health and longevity of couples, but not everyone in real lifeMen have strong sexual abilities, which are related to sexual health care and the use of various sexual skills.

Here, I will introduce some techniques to improve sexual performance.

Whether male sexual function is powerful or not is not only related to the harmonious sex life, but also to the face of men. Therefore, many men will always try their best to improve their sexual function in life. The following introduces the sports that improve sexual functionRecommended for everyone to understand.

During push-ups, men’s waist, back, hands, and arms play a very important role in sexual behavior, because these parts of the body are the main points of force in the sexual life of men and women.

Long-term movements in the above areas are conducive to enhancing the support of the arms and lower back, thereby achieving the purpose of improving and enhancing sexual function.

Exercise increases the muscle tension and contractile function of men’s lower body, and enhances local blood circulation, expansion, and congestion, thereby promoting the blood filling of the pelvic cavity and genitals and enhancing sexual function.

Feet, especially friends who are going to work on the bus, give the seat to the elderly if you have a seat, pull the ring by yourself, lift your two toes together, and if you are tired, put it down for a while without hurting.

After a while you can slap on one foot.

The rings can keep balance, and you can control the weight of your toes. When your feet are tired, you can work harder on your hands and put some hands when your feet are resting.

The main point is to straighten your body all the way.

Numerous experts or fitness instructors mentioned squats or squats. This exercise can improve sexual performance, causing the thighs to wrap around the arteries, which leads to pumping blood to the penis. In fact, the PC muscle can be pulled when squatting.

If you don’t want to increase the muscle circumference, you can exercise by hand, there is no requirement on the venue, you can practice at home at any time, and exercise your cardiopulmonary function. Friends who are doing it for the first time may feel dizzy and have a faster heartbeat. That is the cardiopulmonary function.Oh strengthen.

The cat pose changes as the name suggests, this set of action looks like a cat is broken.

First, lean forward slightly, lean down with your palms touching the ground, then sit the above part of your body backwards until your hips touch the heels, kneeling on your knees, step on your feet against your heels, and try to stretch your arms, head, and hips. Stretching movements remain 10?
15 seconds, then slowly relax and repeat the whole movement.

Put the palms of both hands on the same side of the waist, rubbing back and forth from the top to the bottom, rubbing back and forth for about 2 minutes, using deep heat as the degree, or fisting with both hands, hit the waist alternately with the back surface of both hands, with moderate intensity.Playing around 100 times is best.

The kidney is the waist of the kidney, and it is also called “the rubbing door”.

It has the functions of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist and refining, and dredging meridians.

Climbing the feet and fixing the kidneys to take the supine position.

With both hands, pull the pointer up to the tapered joint, and run to the head through the front rubber socket line. The two hands are crossed, the palms are up, the two pedals are straight, the two hands are inclined straight from the top, the hands are extended forward, the upper body is bent forward, and both hands are moved.Xinyongquan points are next to each other. The feet are forced straight, and the hands and feet are opposite. Release your hands to restore the body to a supine shape.

Repeat this 10 times or decide the number based on your ability.

This method has the effect of strengthening the waist and knees and nourishing kidney and solidifying essence.

Shoulder exercise weightlifting and pull-ups increase flexibility.

Rotating and rolling on the bed requires gentleness of the shoulders, up, down, left and right.

For best results, straighten forward and forward, grab your left wrist with your right hand, and then pull it straight up above your head, and apply a little backward force until you feel a slight tension at the sleeve.

Keep this posture for 5 times, then relax and relax, then repeat this action one or two times to lie horizontally and raise your legs. Pay attention to lifting your legs instead of lifting your legs. This is an exercise for abdominal muscles, which mainly acts on the lower abdominal muscles.The muscles of the groin and the thighs are only a cushion or lying on the bed. The following picture is found online. I recommend everyone to follow what I said. Put your hands under the buttocks to raise your legs.Keep the height of 30 cm, or you can lift up with your legs suspended.

Running is actually the king of sports. Considering the time of the venue, we put it to the end. It is recommended that you try to run freely. It can be good to run twice a week.

It’s best for the working class to go jogging one hour after dinner and come back to wash and sleep well. It doesn’t take long to run, within 20 minutes to 50 minutes, except for sports enthusiasts.

What do you think about during your spare time or leisure time with your eyes closed?

Imagine having sex with a beauty or a woman you miss, you can even imagine specific details. Although this daydream is fictional, it can indeed strengthen the secretion of androgens in your body and make youThe body’s sex-related organs are all given small exercises, which greatly improves their sensitivity to sex.