[What harm will eat pickles]_affect_bad

[What harm will eat pickles]_affect_bad

Pickled vegetables are a favorite food of the Chinese.

Of course, although pickled vegetables are sour, they are marinated with salt. If they are salted for a long time, they will be converted into nitrite. This substance is harmful to the human body. Therefore, eating pickled vegetables is also very healthy for human health.Adverse.

So, what are the specific harms of pickled vegetables to the human body?

The following will introduce you in detail.

1. The carcinogenic pickled vegetables contain many carcinogens “amine nitrite”. Pickled foods will add a lot of salt during processing, and the salt is rich in impurities such as nitrite and nitrate.

In fact, eating salted foods is not good for the body and can induce cancer.

2. In the process of marinating hypoxia-poisoned vegetables in the human body, the marinated food is often contaminated by microorganisms, thereby reducing it to nitrite.

Consumption of sauerkraut with too much nitrite will cause hemoglobin in the blood to become methemoglobin that loses oxygen function, causing hypoxia and poisoning in the human body.

3. Excessive salt content affects the mucosal system. Because foods need to be put in a large amount of salt during the pickling process, this will cause the sodium content of the food to exceed the standard, which will increase the burden on the kidneys of those who eat salted foods frequently and the risk of hypertension.Increase.

High concentrations of salt will severely damage the destructive gastrointestinal mucosa. Therefore, those who eat salted foods often have higher incidence of insulin metabolism and ulcers.

4, accelerate skin aging, because sodium ions and chloride ions in the salt will cause facial cells to lose water, so it will reduce skin quality.

5, causing vitamin C deficiency in the human body During the pickling process, vitamin C is largely destroyed.

After marinating, vitamin C ‘was almost “annihilated.”

Eat plenty of pickles, the body’s vitamin C deficiency.

Therefore, properly eating pickles can regulate appetite and increase appetite, but if you are addicted to pickles, it is not desirable.

If eaten for a long time, it can easily cause various diseases.

6. Pickled vegetables that cause calculus contain a large amount of oxalic acid and calcium. Due to its high acidity, it is not easy to form calcium oxalate inside after being replaced by the body, but it will be absorbed by a large amount, and calcium oxalate will precipitate and deposit in the urine and urine system.Formation of stones.